Laal Kaptaan


  19 Oct, 2019


Laal Kaptaan hit the theatres on 18th October and is high on drama, revenge, and treachery. Two trailers were released and by the looks of it, the movie seemed intense as it can be. Laal Kaptaan is set in bygone eras and has several harsh imageries.

It is based on sometime after 1764’s Battle of Buxar. The central character of Naga Sadhu is essayed by Saif Ali Khan who was last seen in the super hit series ‘Sacred Games’ season 2. After demolishing several enemies, his chase begins for the Pathan warlord, Rehmat Khan. There we meet other characters from Pathan’s wife to his loyal general. We don’t know anything about Sadhu’s mysterious adventure but as the story progresses, we get a clear version of his story.

This Navdeep Singh directorial lacks sentiments and some of the scenes seem too long. The idea behind the movie seems right but the makers fail in its execution.

Saif Ali Khan can be only the one big plus point of the film. His portrayal of Naga Sadhu is commendable but the script probably failed him. The other characters did not get enough chance to shine on the big screen and are certainly underwritten. The characters of Deepak Dobriyal and Madan Deodhar do provide comic relief from all the intense drama going on but this is very little they can do to help the script.

Honestly speaking, the film could have been made a bit interesting if they did not include the unbearable long chase. You would definitely find a lack of peace and would yearn for some quietness as the ongoing drama is too much to take.

Laal Kaptaan is highly recommended for all the big fans of Chote Nawab. Saif outshined everybody and everything in the movie but obviously failed to pull the film due to a lack of support.

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