Places In India That Can Give You Chills!

Publish On: 01 Jun, 2019 03:00 AM | Updated   |   SJ Desk  
Places In India That Can Give You Chills!

re you one of those people who love watching horror movies and exploring the things that go beyond any valid explanation? Well, then you are probably at the right place as we have consolidated some of the best places in India that are actually going to make you want to either dig deeper or go back home.

#1. The Legendary Bhangarh Fort Tops The List Yet Again

The famous Bhangarh Fort situated in Alwar, Rajasthan is usually the one to top the most-haunted places chart due to the tale associated with the fort about Tantrik Singhia who was a magician and fell in love with Princess Ratnavali and tried winning her over by using his magic. Once the princess got to know about this, she ordered to get him killed after which he cursed the entire village with death and remaining roofless for the rest of their lives. Due to this, most of the tourists who visit the ruins of the fort avoid lurking around after sunset. 
#2. Have You Met a Friendly Ghost Yet?

No, I am not kidding and this is actually true. It is believed that Tunnel No. 33 in Shimla, Himachal Pradesh is haunted and is home to a friendly ghost. Well? The story associated with the place is that Captain Barog who was given the task of building this tunnel failed miserably at it and therefore committed suicide out of humiliation. However, the local people have reported that there is nothing to be afraid of here as the spirit of the deceased captain is friendly and does not harm those it comes in contact with. 
#3. The ‘People Disappearing’ Beach

Almost every person would kill to take a walk on the beach after a hectic day. It is not such a good idea to come to the Dumas Beach in Gujarat though. As legends serve it, this beach was originally a Hindu cremation ground which is why it is believed that those lost and disturbed souls wander around and people who go here during midnight are nowhere to be found the next morning. 
#4. The Place Where The Ghost Practices Law and Order

The Karkardooma Delhi Court is one place where lawyers have come forward and reported the presence of something unnatural amidst them. If this was not enough, paranormal activities have actually been captured in the CCTV cameras installed the court where the doors and windows have been found opening and getting shut along with missing evidences from the drawers and the position of the chairs being disturbed. 
#5. Who Knew Horror Movies Capture The Truth?

Ramoji Film City in Hyderabad is a humongous place which comprises of some beautiful sets that have been captured in Bollywood movies since ages. Some strange incidents where the crew members have undergone injuries, saw strange inscribing on the mirrors along with the spotlights going on and off suddenly have definitely turned this place into a rather spooky one.
#6. The Writer’s Plea 

The story behind the Writer’s Building in Kolkata ties back to the time when India was under the rule of the Britishers. On 8th December, 1930, the three British freedom fighters namely Badal Gupta, Benoy Basu, and Dinesh Gupta entered the building and murdered General Colonel N.S. Simpson. The locals there have reported that the ghost has been felt lingering around the halls of the building as well as the BBD Square (which has been named after the three freedom fighters) crying for help. 
#7. The Life-Seeking Ghost

If reports are to be believed, the Delhi Cantonment Area which is believed to be a rather beautiful region in Delhi is actually haunted. A lot of people passing by this area at night have reported seeing a woman dressed in a white sari asking for lift. If she is denied, she chases the vehicle with the speed of the vehicle itself. Truly horrifying, isn’t it? So then, avoid lurking around the area at night. 
These are some of the ‘true incidents’ that have been reported by people. So, the next time you watch a horror movie, try considering the fact that it might actually be true!