Momos With a Difference - Top 10 Trending Varieties of Momos to Satiate Your Taste Buds Right Now!

Publish On: 11 Jul, 2019 11:35 AM | Updated   |   SJ Desk  
Momos With a Difference - Top 10 Trending Varieties of Momos to Satiate Your Taste Buds Right Now!

“Memories without a Picture are like Momos without a Sauce.” 


omos have secretly invaded through to the Indian cuisines, all thanks to their irresistible taste.They were said to be originated from China (known as dumplings), made their way through Tibet, Nepal, and finally, have become an inevitable part of our Indian street food.Momos are nothing but dumplings made from all-purpose flour as its cover and stuffing of your choice of meat (chicken, lamb, pork) or Vegetables.Originally momos were just steamed and had only two variants - chicken momos and veg momos that you would find across the streets of India.But now, with rapidly changing times, and more and more foodies finding their ways to more innovative and creative food, why would momos stay far behind!Now, you would find momos of many different kinds and varieties ranging from Tandoori momos, Sichuan momos, and fried momos, et al.Well, even the mention of the varieties of momos has made my mouth salivate. So, without any further ado, let us get straight into the different types of momos and look at the marvelous creations that our Indian master chefs have brought into it.


Steamed Momos

Truth be told, these dumplings stuffed with either chicken or veg (depending upon your preference) are an absolute go-to on a perfect chilly evening with a red chilly dip accompanied by a hot beverage (coffee or tea) to top it up.

Steamed momos have long been everyone’s favorite. If you want, you can even try making these at home, in no less than 20 minutes.


Fried Momos

Getting over the fondness of the steamed ones, fried momos are sure to make you drool over them for being the perfect fast food in India.

Unlike the steamed momos, which are softer, fried momos get the immaculate crispy and crunchy texture, which is best had with a mayonnaise dip.




Chilly Garlic Momos

Beating the bland taste of momos is something Indians would always love to do. Adding an extra dash of red chilly sauce, minced garlic, spring onions, ketchup, et al, is sure to blow your mind with its extra fiery taste.


Tandoori Momos


This variant is somewhat the most popular of all the varieties of momos so far, giving a brilliant taste of the tandoori flavors almost melting the momos in your mouth the moment it touches the tongue.

Tandoori, famous from the North Indian cuisine has found its way finally into the momos of the Nepali orientation.

And trust me, the combo is just set to take your taste buds to just another level.


Sichuan Momos

There is no doubt the Indo-Chinese fusion cuisine is something that people could never get over. And considering the popularity of the Sichuan sauce, (famously known as the Schezwan sauce pan India), even momos have made it through this popular gravy.

Try these for sure if you are an Indo-Chinese fan.


Cheese Stuffed Momos

Time to go for some extra cheesy and creamy fusion of momos. These momos are sure to melt in your mouth with the extra hint of cheesy flavors along with the veggies completely mashed up in the stuffing, with the cheese literally, oozing out. 
This one is certainly a delight for all the cheese lovers, who like extra cheese in almost every item.


Chocolate Momos

If you are someone who’s absolutely perplexed as to go for desserts or snacks, then this is a perfect combination for your taste buds.

The Chocolate momos offer an impeccable blend of savory and sweet taste. If you have a sweet tooth, then these momos are your best bet.



Kothe Momos

This variety of momos is said to be the healthiest of all. These are the pan-fried momos made up with a stuffing of meat or veggies, as per your choice.

You can find these mostly in the Himalayas, with the most important ingredient in it being the Fried ginger that brings in the distinct flavor of this dish.


Jhol Momos

Coming from the famous capital of Nepal, that is, Kathmandu, Jhol means “of liquid consistency”.

These are the soupiest momos, a perfect cause to spend the best of your winter evenings. Absolutely filling and delicious, the JholAchar or the sauce is a combination of tangy, sweet and hot tastes all at the same time.


Open Momos 

If you are indeed a momo fanatic, then Ghangri Sui Mai, is the most preferred places to have these open momos.

Their distinct four opening style allows you to pour in the different sauces at the same time and lets you enjoy a burst of all the flavors altogether.