Ideas To Help You Travel Cheap These Summers

Publish On: 09 Jun, 2019 02:50 AM | Updated   |   SJ Desk  
Ideas To Help You Travel Cheap These Summers
“Better to see something than to hear about it a thousand times”


re you in love with traveling? Is it like oxygen for you? Do you want to see every part of the world? What if I tell you that it is actually possible? Okay, you need to stop jumping on your bed and read through to get some of the tips.
#1. Let Your Backpack Breathe

Apart from some airlines such as Southwest Airlines that allow you to get two bags weighing less than 50 pounds checked in for free, the others charge $25 per piece. So, if you are looking to save some money on your traveling, the first tip from my side would be to pack only the clothes that you badly want some pictures in and the ones that you feel most comfortable in. 

#2. Surround Yourself With Some Peace

Instead of going to the most ‘happening’ places of the lot, opt for the ones which are less traveled since more often than not, these places will turn out to help you do exactly what you wanted to go on a trip for – rejuvenate yourself. Ask around for the quieter and serene places and make a plan already!

#3. Let Your Mail Overflow with Alerts

Sometimes you get the best deals out of the blue. If you are not so picky about how, where, and when to travel, this is the best option for you to save some money. All you need to do is sign yourself up for receiving the best deal offers on flights, hotels, etc. and everything will start panning out.

#4. Off-Season Makes up for the Best Holiday

What is so wrong about traveling during an off-season? Well? I guess nothing because it helps you save A LOT of money, enables you to take up more space on the beach, and lets you shop on discounted rates. Now, that deal definitely seems attractive, doesn’t it?

#5. Explore Every Option

The best thing about being someone who loves traveling is that they love to explore. Instead of dreaming about some lavish and luxurious vacation, why not go camping? Why not just breathe the fresh oxygen around and admire what a beauty nature is? A bonfire with your friends, living in a tent and going back in time to reminisce the old ones or even better, make new ones will be oh so good for your mind.

#6. Take the Mode Less Travelled

If you are planning on going to a neighbouring city which can be reached by alternative modes of transport, then, by all means go ahead and take them. Taking the train, reading a new book on the way, meeting strangers and talking about life might actually give you a lot more to thank for on this trip. You can also go on that long drive that your girlfriend has been asking for since so long. Click pictures and actually enjoy the vacation before it actually begins.


#7. Exploration Begins at Home

Well, that is not a saying and yes, I came up with that one but it is in fact true. At times, we get so busy looking for other places to vacation at that we forget about the place we live in. Are you sure that you have discovered every nook and corner of your city there is? What would you have done had you been a tourist visiting your hometown for the first time? Well, if you cannot think of anything, then, probably it is time to move on to some other places in the world.


#8. Use Your Cooking Skills to the Rescue

Instead of dining out at those lavish five-star hotels, get some wine, and cook your own food. Who else knows better about your taste buds than you? You can also opt for the street food that is actually more likely to capture the authentic taste of the place.

These are some of the ways in which you can save some of your money for your next trip. Hope that these actually come in handy on the next vacation that you plan to go on.

Happy Summers!