Top 10 Trending Technologies That You Must Learn In 2019

Publish On: 19 Jun, 2019 02:20 AM | Updated   |   SJ Desk  
Top 10 Trending Technologies That You Must Learn In 2019


ith the advancing technologies, the lives of us humans have become so much more easy-going and simpler. With the changing trends, it is so very important to keep ourselves updated with what is going around. Do not worry, to make your lives easier, we have combined a list of some of the top-most technological trends that you must keep up with.

#1. Artificial Intelligence

The concept behind this is pretty simple - infusing machines with the ability to think like humans. AI is seen everywhere these days from your cars to your smartphones. Alexa, Siri and some other bots that companies are coming up with run on this concept of Artificial Intelligence.
#2. Blockchain

Blockchain is another technology gaining attention as it focusses on bitcoin. Blockchain has a lot of potential when it comes to areas such as banking, real estate, and healthcare. Driven by has encryption, consensus mechanism, immutability, and distributed data storage, Blockchain is definitely going to raise the bar and gain more attention than it already has.
#3. The Twins – Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality

With the help of these technologies, you are able to experience reality virtually. Confused? Well, to put it in simpler terms, this technology helps you experience the things that exist virtually as if it were real. This has helped solve businesses huge number of problems and has helped save billions. While augmented reality is used to practice surgeries in medical schools, virtual reality is used in more open environments including gaming.
#4. Cloud Computing

Though this technology has been in the market for some years now, it is the base for all the other technologies to thrive. Most of the technologies exist because of cloud computing. This technology has made our lives easier with respect to the amount of data that we deal with on a daily basis. It has helped companies manage their computing needs and also save a lot of money. It has been one of the most trending technologies that exist and will continue to do so.
#5. Internet of Things

This technology is based on connecting devices and creating a network where everything works through the means of an operating centre. The network of these connected devices gathers data as well as shares it and uses it in the environment in which it operates. These devices include your smartphone, refrigerator, washing machine and almost every other appliance that you use on a daily basis. With the help of this technology, we can also have smart cities with an efficient waste management system, optimal energy use, and traffic system.

#6. Big Data

With the humungous amount of data that people deal with nowadays with the advancing technology, big data is the solution to processing and storing the different types of data. Companies use this technology to find solutions to the problems pertaining to customers, product research, and market segmentation etc. The two most commonly used frameworks used to solve the problems associated with Big Data include Spark and Hadoop.

#7. Robot Process Automation

There are a lot of desk jobs in the industry that involve repetitive jobs. We have robot process automation which allows the automation of these repetitive tasks. It has been estimated that in 2019, the technology of robot process automation is going to become a very important skill as technologies such as machine learning are going to reach heights.
#8. Cyber Security

With the advancing technologies also advance the threats associated with them. As a result of this, Cybersecurity which is not a comparatively new technology and has been around for a while, it has been constantly growing and advancing through the years. As long as the hackers with advanced skills are around, cybersecurity as a technology will continue to grow. Some jobs associated with this field include ethical hackers, chief security officer, security engineer etc.
#9. Edge Computing

The problems such as latency and data centre processing that one faces in cloud computing get solved with the help of edge computing. With the help of this technology, one is able to access and process the sensitive data which have certain time constraints in remote locations where there is either limited or no connectivity at all. This technology acts like mini data centres and enabled access to data in centralized locations more like ‘over the edge’.

#10. Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence forms a vast area and machine learning is a subset of it. With the help of this technology, it has become easier to understand data by being able to discover the patterns that exist and obtaining some insights from it which results in supervised and unsupervised learning. Some subsets of machine learning include natural language processing (NLP), neural networks, and deep learning.

Happy Learning!