To Tackle Terrorist Activities Like Pulwama Attack, Read These 7 Counter Terrorism Special Task Forces From Around The World

Publish On: 02 Jun, 2019 11:50 AM | Updated   |   SJ Desk  
To Tackle Terrorist Activities Like Pulwama Attack, Read These 7 Counter Terrorism Special Task Forces From Around The World


errorism has no religion and is one of the leading problems that our world faces. The attacks like 9/11 or the more recent Pulwama attack have emphasised again and again on the need to create and nurture various advanced task force which is adequately trained and equipped to tackle the rising terrorist activities. We bring you a list of Special Task Force from all over the globe, which are designed to fight terrorism And restore peace and development in the world. 

1. Marcos (India)

Abbreviation for marine commandos, MARCOS are one of the most virulent task forces in the world, second to none. Marcos are trained to carry on operation in any terrains and are equipped with the best arms and ammunitions, the world has to offer. Also known as ‘Dadhi wale fauji’ (Bearded Soldiers), these special task force are maritime warfare experts but can also take down their adversary in a mountain, desert or even guerrilla warfare. Aspirants of Marcos Commandos have to go through a rigorous physical training which is rightly known as hell’s week. Only a handful of people are able to endure the grounding. Once selected, Marcos Commando has to train and serve on various international platforms. Trained in high altitude low opening and high altitude high opening, they can jump from sky into land mass or a waterbody and can annihilate their enemies. Marcos has served India and even the ally countries in numerous operations like Operation Cactus, operation Pawan, Operation Leech, Operation Rakshak and even in the Kargil War. Marcos is a perfect special unit to counter the likes of Pulwama attack.

2. Snow Leopard Commando Unit (China)

Formerly known as snow wolf Commando unit, this Special Task Force unit was formed in October 2002. They have a diverse training ranging from riot control to bomb squad and from anti hijacking to counter terrorism. SLCU is one of the youngest special task force units in the world with average age of officer being 22. The application of SLCU is restricted to only those officer who have served 1-2 years in people’s armed police. Be it protecting the Chinese diplomats in Afghanistan and Iraq or to maintain law and order in Beijing Olympics, highly efficient SLCU has served China and even other country in numerous way. For instance  during “cooperation 2007” a joint military Anti terrorist operation with Russia.

3. GIS (Italy)

Formed in 1978, The Gruppo di Intervento Speciale or GIS  is a special task force that is specialised in countering the terrorist activities. They have an unrivalled training when it comes to rescuing hostage and countering hijacks. After NOCS and ATPI, GIS is the only police tactical unit in Italy that has the freedom to carry on its operation all over the nation. GIS serves its nation on multiple fronts. Right from protection of important personalities, GIS helps to facilitate law and order during Important events. Not only GIS tackles terrorism, but it also trains foreign police force to do so. GIS has carried more than 600 operations including those of war and peacekeeping.

4. COBRA (India)

Commando battalion for resolute action is intrinsic to CRPF (Central Reserve Police Force). This task force is design to defy the notorious naxalite activity in the jungles and remote areas of the country. Hence, they are expert in guerrilla war tactics. They have advance skills on parachute jumps, camouflaging and to assault their opponents with precision. They are also master in the field engineering and tracking of explosives. Some of the significant operations conducted by cobra are Operation Jaws,  Operation in Dantewada, Special Operation in Duli forest & Special Operation in Kamya forest. CRPF had assigned the task of striking Jaish-e-Mohammad camps to COBRA after the Pulwama attacks.

5. The Sayeret Matkal (Israel)

Unit 269 alias The Sayeret Matkal is nothing short of nightmare for any terrorist organisation. The member of this Special Task Force is an optimal blend of physical as well as intellectual propensity. Formed in the year 1957, this unit acts as a adjutant to Israel defence force’s directorate of military intelligence. Initially the unit operated covertly and recruitment was based on personal recommendation within IDF. The recruitment later opened up for volunteers twice a year, where the suppliant has to go through agonizing camp called ‘Gibbush.’ The Sayeret Matkal is known far and wide for its ability to perform given task with stealthiness and evacuate the scene after accomplishing the mission before the enemies apprehends the situation. Some of the notable missions of Unit 269 are Operation Gift, Operation Thunderbolt, KAV 300 Affairs and Operation Bramble Bush.

6. Navy Seals (USA)

SEAL is the Abbreviation for sea, air and land, and one can't agree more because they can coherently conduct an operation on any of these surface. Navy seals is arguably the best task force in the world. This unit is so effective that during the Vietnam War the killing ratio of navy seal was around 200 to 1. This 57 years old elite unit unfortunately till date has never recruited a female member. In order to become a seal, the aspirants have to go through one of the toughest physical and mental obstacles. Right from killing of Osama Bin Laden to Operation Red Wings, this Special Task Force has proved that nothing is impossible.

7. SAS (UK)

SAS stands for Special Air Service. It is not just one of the most tactful elite forces of UK but it also serves as the role model of many other Special Task Forces around the globe. Incorporated in the year 1941, with a motto ‘who dares wins’ SAS are specialist in using various maritime modes of transport. When it comes to air expertise, just like Indian Marcos they are trained in HALO and HAHO techniques. They are also expert in desert as well as have a great knowledge in Arctic survival and combat. No civilian can directly apply for this elite unit and the selections are done from the  members of existing armed forces after a very excruciating screening process, which includes many sleepless nights. SAS has a wide range of responsibilities which includes  countering terrorist activities, gathering information about the enemies regarding their strengths and weaknesses, training militaries of ally nations. Pebble Island Raid, Operation Barras & Operation Fire Magic are few examples of the valor of SAS.