Where To Find The Best Street Food In Delhi?

Publish On: 04 Jul, 2019 12:56 PM | Updated   |   SJ Desk  
Where To Find The Best Street Food In Delhi?

ake up! It’s food o’clock!”
We may not realize this but food actually forms an indispensable part of our lives. It has the ability to single-handedly lift up my mood or make it bad enough for others. So, as you must have guessed by now, I have compiled a list of the best street food joints that you should definitely not miss out on in our very own Delhi- which crawls with foodies!

#1. DahiBhalle in Chandni Chowk


Delhiites love DahiBhallas and what’s not to love especially when it is the famous Natraj DahiBhalle Wala in Chandni Chowk doing their magic. You should also try out the Aloo Tikki of this place and trust me, it is finger-licking good. Moreover, you get to have this tempting dish under Rs. 60. What else do you really need in life? I don’t! 
#2. Butter Chicken to the Rescue


Aslam Chicken Corner in Chandni Chowk is- THE place to be at for non-vegetarians. Comprising of 22 secret spices, 6 different pastes, and Amul cream, Aslam, the owner of the restaurant is referred to as the magician who turns butter chicken into something irresistible. 
#3. The Taste of Chawri Bazar

CholaKulcha is like the patent food of Delhi. If you ever come down to Delhi, you ought to try CholaKulcha especially the Lotan Chole Wala in Chawri Bazar. The soft kulchas served with Cholas in three levels of spices garnished with coriander, ginger, radish and a lump of butter is what differentiates it from the rest of the street food. 
#4. Kachoris for Life

For the people who love kachoris, this place is like heaven. Fateh ki Kachori in Civil Lines is one place you cannot resist even if you do not like street food. The crunchy kachoris with delicious chole on top make a deadly combination and are so fulfilling for the tummy. Chole Kachori being their trademark dish has loyal customers for 60 years. 
#5. Kulfi - Marking a Perfect End to a Perfect Meal

Roshan Di Kulfi in Karol Bagh as the name suggests has been famous for its kulfi faluda since years. It has the most refreshing and tasty kulfis out there and you being a true Delhiite must know the importance of Kulfi at the end of the meal. 
#6. Nagpal Chole Bhature, Amar Colony

This is one of those places that you must have heard about ‘when you were a kid’. All the people who love the staple diet of North Indians including Rajma rice, Poori Chole, Shahi Paneer rice but most of all Chole Bhature should definitely go ahead and try this place and trust me, there will be no going back to other places. 
#7. You Can Never be too Full When it Comes to Golgappas

Have you really had any street food if you have had no golgappas? Well, you get the most amazing variations of golgap-papani that you simply cannot resist, even the ones with vodka and tequila in it. Rajouri Garden is THE place for you to go to try out some of these delicious puchkas. 
#8. Parantha For Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner

Parantha is the ‘go-to’ dish for a North Indian and we can have it throughout the day. Its varieties such as egg parantha, pizza parantha, aloo parantha, onion parantha, and the list goes on and on can be savoured throughout the day with some melting butter on top. Paranthewaligali, Moolchand, Kakke di Hatti at Fatehpur are some of the best places serving these hot delicious paranthas.

So, make it a point to go and visit these places and try out the specialties which will definitely make your heart happy and your tummy full.

Isn’t your mouth already watering looking at such delicious dishes? Well, mine is!