Ways to Get Yourself The ‘Best Hostel Roommate Ever’ Tag

Publish On: 02 Jul, 2019 01:10 PM | Updated   |   Saumya Bansal  
Ways to Get Yourself The ‘Best Hostel Roommate Ever’ Tag

"A Roommate is Like Family Away From Family."

t is not easy to share your space with a complete stranger coming from an entirely different walk of life. Well, that is the beauty of traveling, isn’t it? You go out, meet new people, connect with some and come back with a backpack full of memories. If you are one of those people who is just stepping out of the bubble and trying to mingle in with a bunch of newbies, we have some tips for you. 


#1. Keep it Clean 

This is like the 101 of living with other people apart from your family (who can actually withstand your messy room). You need to keep your side of the room clean since you are now sharing your space with someone who will be expected to do the same. 


#2. Give Some Space

Do not get ready to pounce on your roommate and throw those questions at him/her unless you want to be completely ignored for the rest of the trip. Try to gauge what kind of a person you are dealing with and then start getting to know the other person. This will make them feel comfortable in your presence instead of getting irritated by it. 


#3. Do Not Over-Decorate

Ensure that you do not crowd the place with a lot of stuff. Pack light and let there be breathing space in the room for proper ventilation.


#4. Be Warm and Let them Feel Comfortable in Your Presence

It is very difficult for some people to live with strangers and they usually struggle with it. Try to make it easier for them by letting them feel relaxed and comfortable in your presence. Be the bigger person and break the ice if that means that you get to have a travel buddy who you can chill with.


#5. Cook for the Two of You

At times when you feel like cooking, try involving your roommate in the same by asking them if they would like to join you/help you cook. This way, you will get to bond more and also end up cooking some delicious food (provided you both know how to cook!).


#6. Help Them When They Miss Their Home

For the newbies, it is difficult to adjust to new places away from their home. If that is the case, then, ensure that you sit with them and let them blurt it all out. Try indulging them in some fun activities, and take them the next time you step out.


#7. Plan Their Trip Further

You can also form an indispensable bond with your roommate by helping them plan their trip and how they can actually enjoy the place more than they already are. Add the ‘to-do’ tasks and the ‘must-visit’ places to their bucket list and even better, try joining them for the same! What do you have to lose anyway?


#8. Get Out of the Shower in Time

This is another very basic etiquette that people forget while living with others. You cannot end up staying the shower for a long time since others need to get ready as well. So, talk it out with your roommates and get ready accordingly. 


#9. Listen to What You Shouldn’t be Doing

More than being a good speaker, it is much more appreciated if you are a good listener especially when you are living with other people. Try listening to your roommate when he/she tells you that they aren’t comfortable and ask you to change some habit of yours. Who knows, it actually might be for your betterment? Instead of getting frustrated by it, try to take in your stride and change yourself for the better.

It is difficult when it comes to sharing your personal space with someone else but you need to learn that at some point in your life so why not start that today? Well, we just gave you some ways to land yourself an ever-lasting friend-cum-travel buddy for life!