Top Pre-Wedding Grooming Tips For The Bridegrooms To Be This Year

Publish On: 11 Jul, 2019 11:00 AM | Updated   |   SJ Desk  
Top Pre-Wedding Grooming Tips For The Bridegrooms To Be This Year

one are the days, when pre-wedding care was only the bride’s sole territory. 

Men these days, no longer want to be sidetracked or simply put, “ignored”, since it is equally even their “Big Day”.

It’s not just the wedding suits and shoes, but the preparation has entered into territories never crossed before such as skin grooming, manicures, pedicures, etc.

No matter how hard you try with the last minute facials, hairstyles, makeup, it is always the bride who takes away all the glory and limelight on the wedding day. The glow on her face clearly shows off through her pretty lit up face, and you wonder why did it work for her and not for you.

The truth is my dear, there goes in a long list and duration in the preparation to that wonderful glow, much before two months of your actual wedding day.

If you indeed want to share the limelight with your bride-to-be on your D day, here are some great fun pre-wedding grooming tips that you would need to take care of. 

Well, you have no other choice, I suppose than to go that extra mile to glow on your special day.

So, if you the over-worried bridegroom, who needs to look perfect alongside his bride, or even if you are the best man afraid of what your “groom-to-be” friend might end up looking like on his wedding day, then this article is certainly a worthy read for you.

Grooming Tips for The Confused Groom

In the Indian culture, we have always noticed the groom be the most ignored one when it comes to bits of advice on a special skincare routine, facials, regular massages, self-grooming, hairstyle trials. 

All these things are purely set for the bride. 

Directionless, the groom just saves his last-minute preparations for the D day, and ultimately stands there being even more unnoticed than ever before on his special day. 

But with changing times, you can find many groom special skincare packages, grooming sessions, trial sessions, etc. doing rounds and are a rage these days even with the male population. (Yes – even besides the metrosexual men).

But waking up a week before and starting your preps don’t count in here. You need to be prepared at least about two months before your actual wedding day. Yes – the journey surely does begin from here.

Let’s begin with the best tips that might save you a lot of last-minute hassles and get you that perfect glow and let you both steal the show together in this journey.



  Hair Cut

Well, this is the most fundamental grooming step, which almost ever groom does follow without fail. But having your haircut trials well in advance would save you a lot of last-minute shocks, particularly when it doesn’t turn the way you wanted it to be.


Body and Facial Hair Growth

Similarly, your facial hair also needs some prior trials, since you need to check how a mustache or a beard shaped differently would look like and let it regrow later so that you can finalize the same on your wedding day.

Make sure you get rid of your excess body hair and moisturize your body regularly after that.


  Skin Treatments

To get that extra radiance on your face, instead of running to a parlor, try using a facemask using the mixture of Besan (Gram flour), Dahi (Curd) and Raw Turmeric Powder, every other day. Apply it, let it dry and scrub it off to give your face and body a sheer glow. Make sure you follow this step every day up until your wedding.



  Manicures and Pedicures

These again are not only specific treatments for the ladies out there. In case you are not the stereotypical shabby boy next door, you would know about it. But if you are one, then please make sure you groom your hands and feet by giving them that extra attention, which otherwise you have ignored all your life. Yes – these special hands and feet care treatments do exist my dear!


  Oral Hygiene 

Remember the only thing that would be referred to after your wedding would be your wedding photo album. And you surely don’t want to show off your yellow teeth smiling back at you in those. Try rubbing Baking soda on your teeth after you brush – twice a day and get the sparkling shine on your D day.


  Lifestyle Alterations

Make sure your health is in an appropriate condition for your wedding. For this you need to start having proper wholesome meals (fresh fruits and lots of greens), a good amount of exercise and plenty of water intake to keep you sane enough, and moreover fit into your special suits for the special day.


  A Little Makeup

Well, this one you can surely keep for about a week to the wedding day. Trials are certainly a must here since you do not want to look overly done or underdone for that matter.

Hope you rock your look for your special day with these special grooming tips and happy memories forever!