Top 9 Benefits Of Having Buttermilk (chhaas)

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Top 9 Benefits Of Having Buttermilk (chhaas)

ome summers and we are all prepped up with some or the other exotic liquid diet to introduce in our sedentary lifestyles in order to maintain good health.
A lot of money is wasted, and a lot of efforts and time along with it. But obviously, we don’t see much of a difference.

But fret not!

In this article, we would be discussing one such potential liquid, which is not only the cheaper option but also the healthiest one around.

Yes – We are indeed talking about Buttermilk (widely known as Chhaas in many parts of India), known as the Satvik (or superfood) in Ayurveda, which is available in almost every Indian household as part of their daily diet, and particularly during summers.

Milk and curd are the only two ingredients required to churn this holy liquid, which has numerous health benefits associated with it. And of course, you can indeed spice it up to suit your taste buds as well – And the most divine concoction would be right there to satiate and refresh you in almost no time.

So without any further ado, let us get right back to business – I mean, to discuss the health benefits of buttermilk!

Acidity and digestive problems 

Are you amongst those who get a terribly bad stomach or heartburn due to intensified acidity or face some other digestive issues?
Well, keep your antacid tablets at bay, as buttermilk would surely help you overcome this issue in the fastest and might I add, efficient way possible.

Buttermilk is known to cool off your stomach and soothes all the irritation caused by any piquant food item.
Known to have properties to lower your body temperature, buttermilk helps in the washing down of these spices and even had by many women facing regular hot flashes as a result of their PMS problems or many other menstruation-related issues.

Buttermilk is known to work against bacteria and the addition of other mild spices and condiments like, Ginger, Cumin just aids further in reducing the irritation of the stomach lining and improving your digestive tract instantly.

Aids in the nourishment of your entire body

Buttermilk is power packed with a storehouse of essential vitamins and minerals.

Indeed it is said to have the highest content of calcium and protein, but it also consists of many other vital ingredients essential to keep your body healthy and stronger all the time.
These other vitamins and minerals including, Potassium, Phosphorus, Vitamin B complex, Vitamin A, D, and proteins.

Riboflavin is another essential vitamin, which helps in the food conversion to energy, which is found in abundance in buttermilk. It also helps in the hormone secretion processes and improves digestion and it also is known to have anti-oxidant properties.

Thus having a daily dose of a glass of buttermilk will help your body stay fit and strong for years to come.

Fights against Dehydration

Mostly buttermilk contains 90% water, and vital enzymes, which help in keeping your body dehydrated. Thus it helps to maintain the water balance of the body providing you with essential nutrients at the same time.

Buttermilk is, therefore, absolutely essential, especially during the summers in order to beat the scorching heat. It is best as a replacement to your artificially flavored drinks, which also contain a lot of sugar, which are responsible for harming your body from within.


Boosts Calcium in the Body

As opposed to what people generally believe about buttermilk, it usually consists of very little fat content as compared to whole milk. In fact, it is a powerhouse of Calcium and doesn’t add to your calorie intake much.

Calcium is one such important mineral to restore the health of your bones. It helps in the proper communication between the different cells of your body and also in the reduction of muscles.

People who are lactose intolerant (cannot have milk) lack this essential element – Calcium. Buttermilk converts this lactose into lactic acid with the support of the healthy bacteria present in it. Thus people with lactose intolerance are advised to have buttermilk in order to compensate for their Calcium deficiency.

Therefore, you can have buttermilk daily if you really care for stronger bones and healthy teeth.

Nourishes the skin

Since buttermilk works for a healthy digestive tract, assisting in your clear bowel movements and ultimately having the essential enzymes and anti-oxidant properties, it results in having a healthy-looking skin as well. It also acts as a natural moisturizing liquid, which leaves your skin soft and supple, increasing its elasticity.

Buttermilk eventually drives out the harmful toxins that we introduce knowingly or unknowingly into our bodies by wrong eating habits, terrible lifestyles and what not. Apparently, it is the removal of toxins that leads to glowing and healthier skin.

So go ahead and give your salon a miss, by just having a glass of buttermilk every day.

Aids in the detoxification of the body

Our bodies are put to strenuous work every day to break down the food we eat and thereby results in storing some harmful substances inside our bodies (as a result of our wrong eating habits).

Buttermilk contains the most essential element called Riboflavin, as discussed earlier, which aids in the proper hormone secretion and regularizing our digestive tract thereby flushing out the harmful toxins out of our body.

Helps in Weight loss

As opposed to the contrary beliefs, buttermilk surely doesn’t help you put on a lot of fats and calories. In fact, it helps you in the process of weight loss, by helping you feel satiated with just one glass of it and thereby helping you avoid binge eating or even touching fast food for that matter.

As mentioned earlier, buttermilk is a storehouse of vital vitamins and minerals, which are absolutely essential to your body, and thus having a glass would not leave you weak or dehydrated.

So, go ahead and shed those extra kilos with a glass full of buttermilk.

Reduces blood pressure and cholesterol

In order to have a healthy heart, your cholesterol and blood pressure levels need to be maintained. Several studies have indicated that Buttermilk consists of various important elements with anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties such as bioactive proteins, which help in the reduction of cholesterol in your body.

Buttermilk has proven benefits to reduce blood pressure levels as it contains Potassium, magnesium, and calcium as well.

Increases immunity

Since buttermilk is a probiotic, it helps in avoiding many infections mostly found in women. Thus, it encourages your immunity system and improves it further by fighting the unhealthy bacteria and help us avoid various ailments.

Thus, having a glass of homemade buttermilk as opposed to having any other exotic beverage that would cost you a bomb and would also consist of many preservatives unknown to you, is highly recommended, especially during these summer days.

So, grab yourself a glass of buttermilk in this scorching heat and keep many health disorders at bay, while enjoying various other health benefits in turn.