Top 5 Trending Skin Care Tips to Bookmark This Wedding Season - Home Remedies

Publish On: 10 Jul, 2019 01:15 PM | Updated   |   SJ Desk  
Top 5 Trending Skin Care Tips  to Bookmark This Wedding Season - Home Remedies

Happy glowing skin is something every girl aspires to have. Especially when the wedding season is just around the corner. Now, you definitely don't want your skin to display signs of stress and aging. 


“Your skin is just a reflection of how you feel from within.”


So worrying is not going to solve any problems and nor is booking an appointment with an expensive salon.

We understand you and your skin concerns. And here in this article, we present to you the best home remedies wherein you won’t have to shell a penny on expensive creams or scrubs, or masks, etc. but have it from the ingredients coming straight out of your kitchen simply.

So, let us begin with the best of the home remedies to give you the glowing, soft and supple look, with a brighter tone, this wedding season.

Well, your skin not only includes your face but your entire body as well. And making it beam on the wedding day is not much of an effort if you follow these simple things about two months prior to your wedding day.


1. Body Exfoliation

Ubtan, which is a powdered mixture of some amazing Ayurvedic Herbs laden with the goodness of natural ingredients, acts as the best natural exfoliator for your skin.

Make sure you rub a handful of Ubtan (or quantity as desired) on your entire body in place of your regular soap while you take a shower every day.

This is a remedy known for ages and is sure to make your entire skin glow over a period of time. But make sure you do it on a regular basis.


2. Cleansing, Toning, and Moisturizing Routine

This one is for sure a known formula to you and I’m sure you must have heard it from almost every dermatologist out there.

But should it really be such an expensive feat?

Not really, if you are prepped up already with some of the best natural remedies to help you out.

Here is a list of things you could do simply to give your skin the daily dosage of the Cleansing-toning-moisturizing process:

Step One: Cleansing

Masoor dal (red lentils) with Chandan (Sandalwood) powder makes up for a great natural cleanser for your skin. Masoor dal gives you the scrub effect, which would help you remove all the dirt deposited on your skin during the day and Chandan Powder would help you brighten up your skin – not to forget the scintillating fragrance of the same, leaving your skin already feeling fresh and supple.

Step Two: Toning

Again, there’s no need to indulge in heavy-duty expensive toners out there. Even Rosewater has proved to be one of the most powerful toners of all times. Just spray some on your skin after the cleansing process. 

Step Three: Moisturizing

Once you are done with the aforementioned two steps, follow them with a good moisturizer such as Almond oil, which is a boon for the skin loaded with the goodness of vitamin E. Or if you are not comfortable with oil on your skin, you can very well stick to your regular on-the-counter Moisturizing cream.

3.  Aloe Vera for the Eyes

A good fresh dosage of Aloe Vera cools down the skin around the eyes, which is the most delicate part of your face. Obviously, why load it with any heavy creams or gels.

Make sure you plant a good Aloe Vera in your window (if you do not have a garden or terrace) no excuse on that one now!

4. Lip Care

Mix coarse sugar grains and honey in a small spoon, just enough for you to scrub on your lips for about 2-3 minutes every day. If you want, you can also keep this mixture prepared in the refrigerator for about a week in a small container.

Repeating this process on an everyday basis will certainly leave your lips with a supple texture and leave a reddish tinge on them as well.

5. De-Tan Routine

Here, we would be suggesting you two masks, which you can apply on alternate days, considering the damage the Sun has already done to your skin.

Mask 1: Turmeric powder, Curd, and Besan (gram flour) 

Mix all the ingredients well to form a paste and massage it onto the skin for about 3-4 minutes.

Leave it till dry.

Wash off your skin gently with water. 

Mask 2: Multani mitti (Fullers Earth) infused with Sandalwood powder

Mix the two powders together to form a thick paste and massage it well into your skin, and let it dry for about 15 minutes.

Wash it off while gently massaging with water.

Hope you find these tips useful to give you the brightest and glowing skin. Just try to follow them on a regular basis, two months prior to the D DAY in order to get the best results!