Top 10 Trending Interior Designing Tips For Your Home In 2019

Publish On: 14 Jun, 2019 05:30 AM | Updated   |   SJ Desk  
Top 10 Trending Interior Designing Tips For Your Home In 2019

s we have already bid adieu to the trends of the past year, 2019 seems all geared up to take the interior trends a notch higher, in terms of style, and comfort.

“Your home is a true replication of your own personality, your thoughts, and feelings."
Apart from being a unique preference, home interior designs are pretty complicated to decide upon these days, owing to the wide array and eclectic range of styles and varieties available. 
If you are someone who wants to redesign your home this year or are on the lookout already, we have thought it down thoroughly and come up with a wide range of styles that you can bring about in your home suiting your personality.

And even if you don’t want to reboot your style, I’m sure you’d love to see the variations that you can bring about in your interiors to cheer you up this year.

Let’s begin!

Chic n’ Quirky

Gone are the days, when people used words like Chic and Quirky only to define fashion styles. If you love the chic and quirky look for yourself, why not try it for your home.

And as luck would have it, this year you would find plenty of options around you to decorate your home with quirky vibrant colors, chic cushions, pillow covers with funky slogans on them, home décor with hints of gold to make it jazz up all the way, etc.


Well, the Boho style is not completely new to us. But when you think of setting your style apart, definitely it is one of the go-to styles that you would want to select for your home. The rustic, yet rich look gives you a feel of comfort and laid back appearance to your space.

If you have that artistic chord in you, then surely this style is for you.


If you want a whole load of freshness this year, then the Scandinavian goes a long way for you. With its absolutely elegant, stylish, modern yet timeless interior variants, you can never go wrong. Moreover neutral shades are what inspires the Scandinavian look, so you can go really subtle with the fabrics, patterns et al, making your house look perfectly classy and sophisticated.

Black and white is back

Although there are many colours, which make a trend-setting appearance in the Interior designs- Black and White, clearly rule the roost as always.
These timeless colour patterns are here to stay when it comes to mastering the home décor styles giving you the perfect balance of boldness and elegance to your home.

Following a simplistic yet contemporary feel, be it for your floorings, bathrooms, furnishings, kitchen countertops, etc. monochromes are particularly the most favored type from times immemorial.

Reroute to sustainability

This year predominantly has seen an exponential rise in the use of sustainable and eco-friendly setups as regards home decors and interior designing styles, considering our environmental degradation over the years. 
“Taking less and giving more to the Environment, is surely the followed norm these days.”
From energy-saving appliances to walls being embedded with plants, with reusable and sustainable materials being used for home interiors, this style is sure to be here for long.


Floral and leafy patterns

This year, I am sure will see some usage of highly decorative floral prints along with botanical ones with a combination of mixed colors. Floral has always been a favorite with many interior decorators owing to its enduring patterns.

Such incredible patterns are known to give your home a refreshing look.


Retro sensations 

This being a perfect décor idea to bring in elements together from a different time zone into your existing one, will surely roll into this year’s style statement for interiors.

Basically, it is an amalgamation of new ideas teamed up with some traditional styles in order to bring out the retro vibes in you and your home.

Tribal and Geometric patterns

These patterns surely provide you with the boldest and enticing visual drama to your home, which I’m sure, needs a boost of vibrancy.

These surely never go out of style, bringing in the much-needed warmth to your space.

Kitchen remodel &minimalism

Inducing a warm feeling even out of small spaces is what you need this year for your kitchens.

Introducing a lot of space, coupled with an intense de-cluttering and ultimately merging it with your living space is what 2019 interior style shouts out loud to.

Multifunctional and convertible furniture


Okay! So people who live in cities would know about the space crunch they have to bear. In this crunch, wouldn’t you want to go for furniture that allows you to convert it as per your need basis?

Be it your convertible beds, chairs, kitchen countertops, etc. you need everything to allow you to breathe in easily in your own space.

Hope you like the above-mentioned interior styles trending this year bringing you some really new and good vibes to your homes!