Tips To Spruce Up Your Home And Add A Dazzling Touch To Them This Summer

Publish On: 03 Jun, 2019 06:50 AM | Updated   |   SJ Desk  
Tips To Spruce Up Your Home And Add A Dazzling Touch To Them This Summer

t is summer time here and obviously bringing along with it, warmth and if you are in India, then extremely hot weather. Going outdoors is something that you would want to avoid. But at the same time spending your time indoors would make it rather boring as well. But what if you just spruced up your home with the tips shared below and make your home-stay

refreshingly cooler abode.

So, without any further ado, let’s go ahead with the following summer home interior decoration tips, which could make your home summery and fresh.

Optimal use of throws and pillows


Perhaps this is the time of the year when you just like to lay down and read a book by your window, relaxing on your sofa. Bring in some brighter yet lightweight and thinner throw along with a few pairs of pillows to go around with it to provide you with the cozy summertime vibe. You can always mix and match a few solid colored cushion covers with some patterned ones creating a great chic look for your living room.

Make sure you play around with different hues and colors, patterns and shapes this summer.

Bring the freshness of plants indoors


Obviously, even a hint of greens is what makes you brighten up and cheerful in the summer. So why not bring the same brightness and cheerfulness into our own homes? You can decorate a nice clear glass vase with a bunch of fresh plants or even add a touch of flowers, which would definitely accentuate the summer look and take it to just another level.
Well, not to forget the health benefits that the real plants would bring to you, that is, making the air around your house better and purified.

If you ask me my personal favorite on this, it surely has to be the Hydrangeas, which bring in the perfect combination of freshness and fragrance as well, which is absolutely soothing.


Play around with the summer colors


Even the mention of summers brings in a feeling of warmth to us. When it is already so sunny and hot outside, so why not bring in some cool colors inside the house and keep calm?
The colors such as blue, green, turquoise, emerald, sea green, teal, whites, lemon yellows, baby pinks and peach, and et al, would surely bring in the much-needed fresh vibes in your house.

You can experiment with your curtains, pillow and cushion covers, vases, flowers (artificial or real) towels, throws, hand towels, floor mats and rugs, bed runners, or table runners, etc.

Brighten up your Tablescape


You can even decorate your tablescape with some nice summer hues to freshen up your mornings or add in that summer vibe while having lunches or dinners with your friends and family at the table.

For instance, you could decorate your dining table with the freshest and the brightest flowers, couple them with a matching tableware and dinnerware, a few scented candles as well. Take out the best of your cutlery lying somewhere underneath your kitchen shelf, which needs a breath of fresh air as well.

Similarly, you could also pair the look with a few matching tablecloths and paper napkins with a similar colored table runner and tablemats. And see how your friends and family appreciate you for your eclectic yet classy taste.

All you need now is the best of some home cooked food (breakfast, lunch or dinner) to rock your party to the next level.


Taking your kitchen outdoors


What else could be better than to have your party outdoors during the sweltering heat of the summer inside your even hotter kitchen, driving you insane? In case you are blessed to have a patio or an open terrace in a building, I would highly recommend you to get your cooking out in the open. It would rather be some fun to get together and cook together rather than cooking all by yourself in the midst of sweat and heat, and of course being alone, since nobody would love to barge in your kitchen during this hot weather.

Having a summer party in your Patio or Open terrace would be a brilliant idea to spruce up your summers altogether.


Indulge in simplicity and open spaces


Cramped up furniture would be the last thing you would want in your house. Rather why not just indulge in more simplicity as regards your furniture and stick to the basics and go minimal on the same? Being Minimalistic would add up more space to your home leaving it more spacious and airy.

And for a more airy touch, you can even leave your windows open to let the light and air in your house.

Well, if privacy becomes an issue, then you could hang on a few sheer wall-to-floor curtains or sheer roman curtains, which would let the light and the cool evening breeze in without disturbing your privacy.


Decorating your Balcony


Never mind if you do not have a patio or an open terrace. But if you have a balcony attached to your space, make the most of it. Summers are a perfect time to enjoy your evening cup of coffee, with the cool evening breeze blowing outside. But since you have a beautifully decorated balcony yourself, why would you even need to step out and visit your neighborhood coffee shop?

Just decorate your balcony with as many flowering plants as possible along with a small swing to add to your comfort and a few scented candles to set your mood right.

I hope these tips brought you a breath of fresh air with a summer vibe to them.

Now go ahead and spruce up your space in the way you deem fit and enjoy your summers without having the need to step out of your house.

I’m sure with these tips, you would want to stay indoors as much as possible, to enjoy every bit of your time.