The Top 10 Super Health Foods Every Woman Needs to Know

Publish On: 09 Jul, 2019 05:50 PM | Updated   |   SJ Desk  
The Top 10 Super Health Foods Every Woman Needs to Know

ne look at the grocery store shelves and you are already perplexed. 

And why not – all the shelves are dumped with plenty of brands claiming to sell superfoods to women and helping them stay “Healthy and in-shape” – Phew!

But are these readymade, ready-to-eat and packaged food products equally healthy? Do they provide the same quantity and quality of nutrients that fresh foods offer?

Well to answer all your queries related to the superfoods that you should consume as a superwoman yourself, to maintain your health optimally – read along!

However, note that any food being expensive or rare doesn’t make it any super. 

Superfoods are those, which provide you with all the natural goodness and an abundance of nutrients, that too being available easily anywhere.

Here are the top 10 superfoods that you should have replacing the store brought ones in order to achieve a long-lasting healthy and energy-packed body.

So there you go!

Top 10 superfoods that you should eat regularly to stay fit


1. Avocado

Being loaded with the monounsaturated fats (mind you the good ones) Avocados are a power punch. 
They help you maintain a healthy weight and heart, also reducing your cholesterol levels. 

Apart from the healthy fat content, they are reported to contain almost 20 other vitamins and minerals. Isn’t it a treasure of nutrients!

Enjoy them raw or as a spread on your toast.


2. Broccoli

One of the healthiest cruciferous vegetables is also beneficial to prevent excess estrogen and thus fight breast cancer. 

It is also said to be rich in vitamin A and C, folic acid (Folate), iron, calcium, and potassium.

And if you wish to lose weight, then this superfood is the best for you since it keeps your tummy satiated for a longer time, even if had in small portions.

Add it in your veggie bowls, salads, or soups and savor it.


3. Nuts

They surely won’t drive you nuts being power-packed with all the essential nutrients and oils, but rather would help you in achieving an excellent health 

Almonds, being rich in Vitamin E help you have a glowing skin along with lustrous hair. 

But apart from this, the most interesting fact about this superfood is that it also helps you reducing weight and keeping lower levels of your Cholesterol. 

Have them soaked overnight in water to get the healthiest benefits out of them.


4. Greens

All these years since our childhood, we have been pestered to finish our green leafy "healthy" vegetables.

And staying true to their commitment, these leafy chlorophyll infused vegetables are densely packed with many vitamins and minerals keeping any heart diseases at bay. 

They also help in reducing the risk of Diabetes type 2. 

Green leafy vegetables such as Spinach, Kale, Fenugreek leaves, host plenty of Vitamin A, which is essential in maintaining your eyesight. 

Rather they all help in the holistic amelioration of the entire body in its entirety.


5. Blueberries

Do you want to reduce your weight and look young at the same time? 

Loaded with many antioxidants these tiny berries are the most delicious and powerful snacks that you can indulge in to fight your wrinkles and keep you full for a longer time.

Blueberries are also good if you are concerned with memory issues or higher blood pressure levels.

Better choose the wild ones since they are replete with compounds like Anthocyanin (antioxidants). 


6. Olive Oil

Apprehension from using oils in your food thinking they help add to your weight issues? 

Used and preferred worldwide owing to all its proved benefits- the olive oil is laden with enough monounsaturated fats, unlike the other oils which contain a higher level of the bad saturated fats which lead to gaining more weight.

The Biophenols and Plant sterols both included in the olive oils, help reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and even cancer and lowers your blood pressure. 

You can use it as a dressing to top your salads or you can toss your veggies in it. Olive oil will certainly enhance the taste of your food as well. 

A regular in the Italian and geek foods, you can find them always healthy and gleeful.


7. Beetroot

Having lower Hemoglobin levels? Be prepared, the doctors are going to suggest an extra dosage of Beetroots to be added to your diet. 

Packed with higher iron levels and folic acid, beetroots not only increase your hemoglobin levels but also help in lowering your blood pressure levels. 


8. Fish

Fish oils have always been on top of the list for improving your health conditions. Cod liver oil is said to improve your memory. 

Filled with proteins, vitamin D and calcium, selenium, you should have them on a regular basis, in whatever form you want – boiled, steamed, shallow fried in olive oil, etc.



9. Whole Grains

Whole grains consist of soluble or insoluble fibers that would keep you satiated in the most healthy manner.

There are many such grains that you should include in your diet such as wheat, oats, millets, etc., which not only helps you feel fuller, but also stops you from overindulging in food, and helping you lower your cholesterol levels, lowering blood sugar levels and working wonders for your metabolism.

Thus staying fit is not difficult anymore. 

Make bread out of the whole grains and enjoy your meal accompanied with your choice of veggies or meat and fish curries.


10. Turmeric

Indians are said to consume the highest levels of turmeric in the entire world. And hence they are reported to have less affected by Alzheimer’s. 

Turmeric basically consists of an ingredient known as Curcumin that gives turmeric its yellow color. 

The Curcumin is said to heal many problems including regularizing women’s menstrual cycles.

Ayurveda also mentions using Turmeric powder as a medicine to heal many wounds and infections.Thus as a woman, you should make sure that you have a wholesome diet including the above-mentioned superfoods making it a regular habit.These superfoods have been tried and tested by many since ages and have quintessentially helped many women overcome many disorders, reduce weight issues or improve their health altogether.The sound body will always lead to a sound mind. So better look after your health first and then all the other things will fall in place.