The curious case of being lazy

Publish On: 05 Feb, 2020 03:57 PM | Updated   |   Esha  


top yawning! I understand your urge to scroll away. You are just too lazy to seriously commit to an entire blog. Especially a blog with fewer pictures. But hold on, read on, and laugh on your laziness.

We are an entire community of lazy bums. Now don’t get us wrong; we are not necessarily laid back or without accomplishment. We also have anxiety, anger bursts, and the occasional urge to join the gym. With sloths as our spirit animals, we glide on through life…being lazy. See how I said glide and not walk- because let’s face it, we ain’t walking anywhere!

It’s all well and fun until being lazy makes you spiral downwards into the comfortable lap of ignorance. Ignorance of how your entire life is getting affected by this seemingly harmless habit. Not too happy with how this blog is turning out to be? Now that you have reached here, you might as well as go ahead and read it in its entirety.

When your soft bed becomes more important than your dream, know that trouble is knocking on the door. The piling up tomorrows, postponed books, and deferred tasks are bound to come crashing down like a game of Jenga. The impending result? Chaos!


Laziness is a way of life. It starts out by delaying reading that  , or taking that class and then before you know it, your entire life has been put on ice.

It is also unrealistic, however, to break a habit overnight. You cannot possibly emerge the next day to be active, energized, and focused individuals. So any bouts of momentary motivation must be calmed because more often than not, they are temporary.

There are small ways, well within the abilities of a lazy person (tired and tested) to overcome the temptation of being lazy.

To ward off this comfortable and evil luring of laziness, you can start out by following a four-step simple approach.



We all get 24 hours a day. You can choose what to do with your 24 hours. When you are lying down on your soft couch- in the umbrella term of ‘being lazy’, you are actually pushing back or avoiding doing things that matter.

So your first step would be to identify what needs to be done or what you want to do. Doing insignificant things just to “keep busy” has no self-value and you might just as well keep lying on your sofa.

So ask your inner self, what would you spend your time doing if you had one extra hour each day.   

And no! Sleeping is not the right answer.

Catch up on reading, go to the gym, or join a dance class. Basically, take a stance against yourself, for yourself and finally get on with an activity you have been wanting to do.




You have gained some clarity on what you want to do with your time. However, does that mean you have the motivation to put the activity wheel into motion? Motivation comes with a sense of urgency. Without a strong need to get things done, a lazy person always has the option of doing it tomorrow.

But how do you find this urgency?

Imagine that a big change is coming into your life in exactly one year. This big change will stop you from pursuing the task or activity that you have lined up for yourself for the next 3 years. So if you want to improve yourself, learn more, or create something, now is the only time, delaying which you will have to wait for 3 years before you can resume it again.

With this mindset, you can make anything urgent. By truly believing this, you can urge yourself to learn a new language, start your blog, etc.



You can find motivation, you can get clarity, but you can’t put them to use without energy. Everybody knows about the wonders of eating right coupled with exercise.

The secret, however, lies in cleverly utilizing your time. There is a reason why the most successful people are early risers. Early mornings are not disturbed by chaos and flow of information, they are still calm. You can use this time to be your most productive self.

There a deep sense of accomplishment in getting started with your day before others. It is almost like you have an edge over them. You are already done with a task or two when they are still adjusting to waking up.



Ask yourself daily about the day’s progress. A filling response will give you a sense of achievement, which will, in turn, add on to your motivation. A blank response will guilt you into being better the next day.

Instead of a mental track record, it is always better to write it down. Maintain a task diary and journal your progress.


It is time to reflect on yourself. You, solely hold the ability to change yourself and unlock your true potential.