Never Eat These Foods After Sex

Publish On: 10 Jul, 2019 11:00 AM | Updated   |   SJ Desk  
Never Eat These Foods After Sex

t is unarguably true that intimate and passionate sex with your partner can leave you exhausted and hungry at the end. In fact, research has shown that intense sex burns about 150 calories every 30 seconds. Therefore, it is normal for you to have food cravings after an intense activity like sex.

However, do you know that eating some kinds of food right after sex could make you develop health issues? Yes, some foods can be too heavy for your system at that moment and can lead to a lot of discomforts. 
Therefore, if you want to rest peacefully after sex, never eat or drink the following foods after an intense session, no matter how hungry you are or how appetizing the foods look.


1. Coffee/Tea

The exhaustive nature of sex can leave you thirsty when you are done. You may start thinking of grabbing a cup of coffee or tea, but let me warn you- never try this. These drinks contain caffeine, which can disturb your sleep-inducing hormone and keep you awake for a long time. Hence, you may have some sleep debts for that day which can affect your productivity.

So, instead of taking a cup of coffee or tea immediately after sex, it is advisable that you first take a power nap or sleep to calm your body and mind. Besides, you are free to take a cup of water or green tea, but ensure you avoid any caffeinated drink to allow your system to regain its balance. When you rise from your nap or sleep, you can then take tea or coffee.


2. Pizza

This is one of the most delightful foods to eat with a lover; maybe you have tried it once or twice. But don’t make the mistake of eating pizza immediately after sex because it could give rise to stomach discomfort which would rip of you of peaceful sleep.

The truth is, pizza is too heavy for your intestine after sex. This is because your blood circulation is still very high at that moment. In fact, experts have shown that the body can be irritated after an intense session when you eat refined flour along with cheese. These are major constituents of pizza and it can become tricky for your digestive system.

So, if you don’t want to experience an upset or unrest from heavy foods, stay away from pizza right after sex.


3. Alcohol

Never make the mistake of grabbing a bottle of alcohol right after sex if you don’t want to irritate your system and feel weak and dizzy. This is because alcohol is a depressant and can slow down your body’s metabolism.

Besides, it can also give you a feeling of drunkenness which can trigger anger and depression. This is not really bad, don’t you think? I know you don’t want to be in such a state after a pleasurable moment with your partner.

Again, when you take alcohol, it can negatively affect your balance and coordination right after sex. This can be bad for you if you need to go out for work or something urgent right after such an intense session. Your body needs rest after sex and taking alcohol is not the best at that moment, so avoid it like a plague.


4. Cheese

Although cheese is absolutely delicious, never eat it immediately after sex because it is heavy and can increase the pressure on your digestive system. Besides, it has a high fat and sodium content which makes it difficult to digest, especially when you have liver or digestion problem.Remember that your metabolism slows down as you grow older, so beware of cheese if you really desire a peaceful rest after sex and you don’t want to have digestive issues.However, after sleeping or taking proper rest, you can then eat cheese but watch the quantity you take. Be warned!


5. Egg

I hope you know eggs are high in cholesterol and fat and when you eat them right after sex, it might cause uneasiness and restlessness in your body. Never eat any form of eggs, whether fried, scotched, or cooked.

Also, beware of any processed food containing egg because they could also be difficult to process right after sex. What your body needs after sex is rest because your metabolism is bound to be slow. So why stuff yourself with something with high calorific value? Ensure you avoid this if you really need to rest.


6. Chips

You may snack on some cheese before sex but never take them after sex if you don’t want to feel sick or guilty. These fried and processed foods are high in sodium and can cause digestive problems when your system is yet to be settled after sex.No matter how excited you may be to take some chips, resist this temptation. You may say “what about the baked ones?” They also have a high level of sodium, so beware of them right after sex.


7. Bread

Beware of bread too after sex because they can make you become flatulent and have a lot of cramps, which can make your system unsettled when you should be resting.

What you should know is that bread contains a high amount of FODMAP (fermentable oligosaccharides, disaccharides, monosaccharides, and polyols) which is not easily digested in the body. This can be disturbing and rip your system of the needed rest after an intense sexual moment.



Beware of stuffing yourself with heavy foods and drinks like the ones listed above, immediately after sex. They will only cause you metabolic problems, unsettlement and poor rest. Ensure you watch what you eat right after sex because what your body system actually needs is something light and some good amount of rest.