How to Avoid Having a Bad Hair Day While You are Having One?

Publish On: 25 Jul, 2019 02:00 PM | Updated   |   Saumya Bansal  
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re you one of those people who get up five minutes before they have to reach the office and pretend they are superman because they can get ready in the next 2 minutes? Well then, we are on the same page and are very much alike.

Assuming that I know you a little now that we share the same issues in life (related to the morning routine atleast!), even if you manage to put a decent pair of clothes on and are ready to step out, there is that one thing that throws you under the bus EVERY SINGLE TIME! Well, I am glad that you asked- your hair! The days when I have my best outfit on but my hairstyle is a mess is the day I am automatically low on energy and people avoid coming near me due to the mood that this puts me in. So, if you share the same thoughts as me, I am here to make your life easier by putting down some 2-minute hacks to let your hair breathe.

1) Make it Look Sassy

Luckily, we belong to an era where there are millions of options for a small problem. So, if your hair looks all oily or frizzy, you can probably save face by putting on a fancy hairband or scarf. This will not only make your hair look bearable but will also make you look stylish!

2) A Quick Wash Session

Bangs and fringes get the oiliest and look the worst when you do not shampoo your hair. So, in order to fix this, there is a quick solution as part of which you can spray them with a bottle of water and then apply shampoo on just the fringes and blow dry them. It hardly takes 5 minutes and turn your bad hair day around.

3) Leave Your Hair Alone

We have a very bad habit of constantly touching our hair every now and then. Well, if your hair is already a mess and you want to save face, do not touch your after styling them so that no more oil is produced by the follicles and you can go a day without a bad hairstyle.

4) A Messy Bun - Works Every Time!

A very trendy hairstyle these days, whenever you are running short of time or whenever your hair looks like they haven’t been washed since ages, the simplest and the best thing to do is to take all your hair and tie them into a messy bun or a high pony tail. This will make you look good and make you forget that about the bad hair day!

5) Clip it Up!

If you have tried your best to cover the messy hairstyle and have reached nowhere with it, then, the best way to probably go about it will be if you take all your bangs/fringes/some of your hair up and secure it with bobby pins or the likes. This will make your face look neater thereby focussing less on your hair.

6) Fishtails to The Rescue

Fishtails and French braids have turned out to be a girl’s best friend and a very useful hairstyle when it comes to messy hair and oily scalps. They are easy and quick if you are running short on time and also make you look presentable, well, actually good! So, if you do not really know how to braid your hair in these hairstyles, have a look at the video by clicking on the link below.

7) Some Powder a Day Keeps The Oily Scalp Away

In case you have oily hair and no time to wash them, then, one of the quick fixes can be to take a pinch of powder on your palm and dab the oily part of your hair with it. This will give a rather fresh look to your hair and hide the oil for the time.

When life gives you a bad hair day, pin it up and turn it around into a sassy hairstyle!