Hair Care For This Summer | Let Your Locks Shine

Publish On: 17 May, 2019 12:00 PM | Updated   |   SJ Desk  
Hair Care For This Summer | Let Your Locks Shine

Summers bring along a lot of potential damage to your hair, especially if not cared for in the proper manner. On top of that, the urge to visit swimming pools, go outdoors to have fun, increases manifold – well that is what summer is all about.

But beyond this fun part, there are many other care tips that you should consider undertaking in order to have beautiful, shiny and healthy locks this summer without harming them at all – And that too NATURALLY!

Before we jump right on to the tips to care for your hair, let us first see, how your hair actually gets damaged owing to this hot weather. Effects of hot weather on hair:










1.    Sweat and dust


Well, it is no surprise that hot weather or summers, are tagged along with lots of sweat and dust.It is your head that starts sweating immediately and attracting the dust all around in the air, which later results into causing irritation and the urge to scratch your head (definitely you don’t want to look like monkeys doing so!)


This combination eventually also leads to more dandruff, frizzy hair, split-ends, loosened roots, etc. in your once so healthy hair.


2.    Humidity


Summers also o bring along a high content of humidity in the air which thereon settles on your head capturing the bounce in our hair and making them go flabby weighing them down, in turn making them look lifeless and dull.


3.    DehydrationHot weather is known to dehydrate almost everything, right from your body to your skin and it doesn’t even spare your hair for that matter.


And to top it all, we are so used to using the various hair drying gadgets to experiment on our hair that it certainly loses all the moisture breaking all the hell loose in turn for hair making their roots go weak, making the hair brittle and all the more fragile.


4.    Indulging in water activities


I’m sure you would know about the Chlorine content in the swimming pools and also the harsh salt water on the beaches. We cannot obviously avoid getting into the water to cool our bodies, but these chemicals and salts certainly have a bad impact on our hair.


Now that you know what all problems you might face in case you don’t look after your hair this summer, it is bound to damage them leaving them lifeless.


So, without any further ado, let us discuss the various remedies that you can adhere to in order to save your hair from the harsh sun rays in this hot weather.


Tips to protect your hair and care for them this summer:




1.    Washing with utmost care


Owing to the sweat and dirt that settles on your hair the moment you step out of your house, you definitely need to give them a proper wash.


But avoid doing so daily, since they might do brittle and suffer from breakage and hair fall. This happens because the moment you wash them, the essential natural oils get washed off and if you do so on a daily basis, they are deprived of the natural oils.


Invest in a good shampoo to protect your hair, which is milder and contains a bit of some sunscreen (SPF).


Or else you can even give them a natural cleanser in the form of Shikakai, dried hibiscus petals, and Amla (Indian Gooseberries) all in powdered form and just roughly clean up your hair.


If your hair is way too greasy, then you can try washing them off every alternate day.


2.    Conditioning is a must!


Post the wash, it is always a good idea to condition your hair with a natural conditioner or one that is not loaded with too many chemicals (ask for one at the medical counter).


This helps retain the moisture in your hair.


Tip: try a deep conditioning method such as oiling or massaging your hair from roots to tips with some coconut oil, jojoba oil, jasmine, lavender or even olive oil and leave it overnight so that your entire scalp also gets the complete boost of moisture it might lose during the summers.


Also, warm up the oil slightly before the massaging it onto your scalp.


3.    Avoid overexposure in the sun


The extremely hot sunrays severely damage your hair depriving them of their natural nutrients and also turn them absolutely frizzy and dry.


Try to cover them up with a good quality scarf whenever you step out in the sun. You can even adorn a beautiful hat to protect your hair from the harmful hot winds blowing throughout the daytime.


4.    Avoid heating them up


Try to stay away from the heating products such as hair dryers, straighteners or flat irons, curling rods, in short, every item that induce heat in your hair. Already there is so much of heat outside. And you don’t want to spoil your hair adding just more of it.


Any which ways, due to the dry air, your hair tends to dry quickly in the most natural manner. So why to put them under so much heat!


5.    The swimming vowsIf you love swimming or taking a dip into the ocean every now and then, try resorting to swimming caps and apply a little oil before you step into the chemical and salted waters.


6.    Bun them up!


Well, not essentially a bun, but you can certainly try out different comfortable hairstyles that would let your hair remain intact, not completely loose, nor completely tightened.


Go suit yourself with the various summer styles. But if you don’t like doing up your hair every now and then, then a bun is always at your rescue.


7.    Combing with proper care


You would be definitely combing your hair most of them and it is good to increase the blood supply to your scalp.


But try and comb it with wide bristles or wide tooth comb, which will not only help you detangle your hair but also not break them in turn. Remember the air is dry outside.


Considering all these tips, I‘m sure, you will have a great summer with your locks not only shining brightly but also healthy in every possible way.


So, go ahead take care of your tresses and let them enjoy the summers along with you!