10 Couple Workouts That You Need to Begin Right Now

Publish On: 10 Jul, 2019 09:00 AM | Updated   |   SJ Desk  
couple workouts

Have you ever felt bored working out alone? Seriously it can be boring at times, especially when there’s no one to keep you motivated. But do you know you can improve your workout sessions and stay motivated with several kinds of couple-workouts? You are less likely to take a lot of breaks, quit early and cancel gym dates when your partner is watching.

You can also improve your relationship with your partner and revitalize your love life by trying some couple-workouts. Remember we are in the month of Love. You can seize this opportunity to spice up your relationship with your other half.

Quickly, I will show you 10 easy couple-workouts you can begin with your partner right now. They include:


1. Hook Squat

This couple-workout creates a high level of bond because you have to lock your arms with your partner. It’s funny especially at the point when you have to walk in a clockwise fashion while squatting. I once used this with my partner and she got tired at some point. It’s not possible to finish up the exercise if one person lets go, so I held on closely to her arms.

In a short while, she got back on track and continued and we laughed hard. Really fun! A trial will convince you.

How to do it:

  • Stand back to back with your partner and squat down to keep your knees over ankles.
  • Make sure you squat down together and walk in a clockwise fashion while squatting.
  • After completing one circle, count like 15 seconds and repeat it in a counterclockwise movement.
  • Repeat 2 or 3 sets.


2. Partner Push-Up

My partner really loves to do this when she’s the one standing on me. She smiles and tells me to keep going. I get motivated anyways and I always notice how much resistance I have built around my upper back. I weigh 70kg and my fiancée weights 60kg. When am up, she always sounds like she wants to poo. So funny! But I always encourage her to keep going.

How to do it:

  • Lie on your stomach and maintain a push-up position with your elbow at 90 degrees.
  • Let your partner stand on you and place his/her hand on your upper hand.
  • Try to rise up into a push-up position while your partner creates a resistance to keep his core tight.
  • Repeat until you are tired, then switch.


3. Alternating Box Jump

This is a simple but effective couple-workout for strengthening your legs. If you do this alone, you’ll easily tire out and maybe do some few jumps. It’s really fun; you don’t want to lose out, so your partner is your source of motivation. In the end, you may feel exhausted, but it will help both you and your partner to maintain a proper form.

How to do it:

  • Pick a stable surface with a comfortable height for you and your partner.
  • Stand apart facing each other and place a 6-10 inch box in the center.
  • Take a squat position and jump in turns on and off the box. After landing, wait for your partner to complete the same step. You can also join hands in an outstretched position for balance.
  • You can make it tenser by holding 3-5 pounds dumbbell while you jump.


4. Biceps and Triceps Challenge

If what you do is 20 curls on your own, try including your partner. You’ll notice how fast you will begin to do more. No doubt, it can be boring when you do a series of traditional curls on your own. It’s more interesting when you spend time with your partner doing several curls. You can relax at several points. It’s even an opportunity for you to spend quality time together, especially when you both have busy schedules.

How to do it:

  • Stand approximately a foot apart.
  • Bend your knees slightly and hold a towel end to end with your partner.
  • Create a bicep while your partner creates resistance. But your partner doesn’t have to hunch towards the ear. All he/she needs to do is to keep the shoulders relaxed and core tight.
  • While you create resistance on your way down, your partner will complete a tricep extension.
  • Try 15 to 20 reps for 3-4 sets.


5. Seated Medicine Ball Twist

You and your partner can build a stronger core and back using this routine. I remember watching a couple trying this exercise. They said they never used to have time for each other let alone exercise. But the moment they tried the seated medicine ball twist, they discovered how much fun they could have together. While resting, they spend time together discussing family and personal issues. Really cool!

How to do it:

  • Sit on a mat and face each other. Bend your knees slightly and keep heels firm on the ground.
  • Lean back and slightly twist to pick a medicine ball and move it right to left.
  • Repeat a set of 10 twists before passing it back.
  • Do three sets for each 10.


6. Crisscross Crunches

Whenever I try the crisscross crunches with my fiancée, she always complains that she feels pains in her abs. But do you know what? She never stops until we get to finish 20 reps. Sincerely, I do feel the same way but our legs are locked and she is counting on me. So keep going anyways till we are done. I get good motivation from this exercise.

How to do it:

  • Sit in a crunch position, keep your knees bent and back flat on the floor.
  • Cross your hands on your chest or keep it behind your head.
  • Lock legs with your partner then crunch up keeping your abs engaged.
  • Repeat 10 reps or continue until you are tired.


7. Wall Sits

When I started doing wall sits alone after my workout session, it was really boring and I don’t really stay long on it. I started loving it when my fiancée chose to join me. I noticed how we bonded strongly. We even talk about some intimate matters when we do the wall sit. We even hold hands and kiss at some point. I must confess that this simple exercise really helps to improve my relationship.

How to do it:

  • After working out, rest back to back with your partner and slowly go down to maintain a sitting position.
  • Place your thighs parallel position with your chests in the opposite direction.
  • Remain in this position for as long as you can.
  • You may distract each other by holding hands, kissing or whatever.


8. Push-Up High Five

You can help your partner build strength and endurance with the push-up five. The fun part is that you keep each other going with the high five. You’ll notice that even when you are tired, you won’t want to spoil the fun, so you just continue with the push-ups and high five till you are both tired. This couple exercise can really help you encourage your partner to make fitness work.

How to do it:

  • Face your partner and get in a push-up position. 
  • Extend your legs, and place your hands directly under your shoulder.
  • Do push-ups and give each other a high five, extending hands straight.
  • Repeat reps until fatigued.


9. Double Trouble

This couple workout is really effective for burning abdominal fat and building muscles. If you desire to have a flat tummy as a lady and everything seems not working out, get your partner to try the double trouble with you. As you both exchange balls, your abdominal muscles become tightened.You can talk, joke and make eye contacts with your partner while you do the double trouble. It can help to revitalize your love life.

How to do it:

  • Sit on a mat, face each other and clamp your legs together.
  • Stretch both hands and exchange balls while doing a sit-up.


10. Wheelbarrow-Squat

This exercise is so much fun and it helps you to focus on your partner. It also allows you to relate and encourage each other to keep going. Even if you are the person doing a wide second, you are also on the spot for this exercise. You both build abs and thighs while bending together. However, if you notice that your partner is losing strength in the long push-up position; gently put their feet down to ensure safety.

How to do it:

  • Stand in a wheelbarrow position with your hands directly under your shoulder.
  • Let your partner hold you by your ankles while standing straight.
  • Make a push up while the other person makes a squat at the same time.
  • Repeat for 5-10 times and then change position.


Final Remark

When you work out with your partner, you easily stay motivated throughout your workout routine. It doesn’t really matter how long you’ve known each other, workouts can make you both stay closer and improve your love life. When you work out as a couple, remember you’ll also stay healthy as a couple. Don’t wait anymore; go spice up your relationship with some workouts.