Mysterious Places In India That You Must Visit At Least Once.

Publish On: 21 Jun, 2019 04:56 PM | Updated   |   SJ Desk  
Mysterious Places In India That You Must Visit At Least Once.

he holiday season is just around the corner and so is the vacation that you might have planned with your family or friends. When it comes to tourism, India has a colossal range of options. India is a diverse country in every sense of the word.  Right from cultures and customs to the climate and environment or be it language and religion, everything is divergent in India. No wonder that people say that India is a world in its own. As a tourist, whatever you are seeking, you will find it in India. Breathtaking sea beaches, adventurous forest, amazing mountains, eye-catching dessert, you name it and you got it. But if you are bored of visiting the mainstream places and want to try out something new, then we bring you a list of mysterious and mind-boggling places in India that are worth your time and will fit in your budget.    

Roopkund lake, Chamoli (Uttarakhand)


Close your eyes and imagine a frozen lake! Feels serene isn’t it? Now imagine hundreds of human skeleton scattered in that iced lake. No, I’m not talking about a teaser from an upcoming horror movie, but a place in Uttarakhand called Roopkund lake which is positioned in the Trishul range of Himalayas. This place is more than 15,000 feet above sea level and researchers have indicated that the skeletons are around 1,300 years old. Although scientists have tried come up with many theories as to how these people died, still Roopkund remains one of the most mysterious places of India.

Kodinhi Village, Kerala

In Mallapuram district of Kerala, there is a village known as Kodinhi. This not so densely populated place is known far and wide for the anomalous amount of twins born in it. It is estimated that there are over 700 pair of twins present in this village which has just around 3,000 families. Another interesting fact is that the number of twins is growing every year. The girls of Kodinhi even when married outside, have a much greater probability of giving birth to a pair of identical twins than the national average. God’s own country, Kerala has thousands of location that attracts tourists, and Kodinhi is certainly one of them. 

The Magnetic Hill (Jammu & Kashmir (Leh Ladak))


Around 18 miles away from the city of Leh and at around 12,000 feet above the sea level, there lies one of the most perplexing places of India, if not the world. Magnetic Hill is a stretch of road that goes upwards. The bemusing thing about this place is that even though the road goes uphill, still if you kill the engine of your car and put in on the neutral gear, the car will automatically move upwards. The vehicle even attains comprehensive speed in the process. Strangely, people of this area have more than often claimed to have seen UFOs.

Vanishing sea, Chandipur beach (Bhubneshwar)


Chandipur beach is no more than 10 miles away from Baleshwar railway station in Orrisa and is not very far away from Orrisa’s capital Bhubneshwar as well. Even though India has a lot of exquisite beaches to offer, none of them are as unique as the Chandipur beach which is known as vanishing sea beach. Every day during low tide, the water of the sea recoils as the water goes back to around 6 kms. and during high tide, the water comes back again to its normal position. People walk and drive their vehicles on the sea bed bravely during the low tide. Researchers are still baffled and they are yet to find out an answer to this strange phenomenon.

Bird suicide point, Jatinga (Assam)

In the Dima Hasao district of the beautiful Assam, there is a place called Jatinga. Jatinga is an alluring place with a lot of greenery and scenic beauty but a bizarre occurrence here has perplexed the scientists and ornithologists from all around the world. At night during the time of late monsoon, when there is no moon and the fog surmounts Jatinga, thousands of birds commit suicide by crashing into the walls and windows of the houses along with trees and other hard surfaces. Even though Ornithologists claim that this tragic event is a result of man-made factors, still this place remains one of the spookiest mysteries of India.

Ananthpur lake temple, (Kerala)


What’s the first thing that comes to your mind, when you hear the word crocodile? If you feel that Croc is an apex predator who can rip apart anyone or anything that it sets its eye upon, then let me introduce you to Babiya. The Ananthpur temple in Kerala is not just well known for the sanctity of the shrine but also because of its lake which is guarded by a crocodile named Babiya. Babiya neither harms any human taking bath in the temple’s pond nor does it eat any fishes of the pond. It only eats the offerings of the temple which is mostly rice and jaggery and that too from the hands of the devotees or the priest of the temple.