The Famous Fan Theories of Game of Thrones Season 8 That Could Still Come True!

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The Famous Fan Theories of Game of Thrones Season 8 That Could Still Come True!

eing one of the biggest shows on television, Game of Thrones a.k.a. “GOT” has received far-flung popularity worldwide with its grappling storyline, that has successfully kept their audience biting their nails, wondering what would happen next.

With almost 4 episodes down, the season 8 is still packed with so much of mounting tension.

Fans are contemplating various possible theories going by the prophecies, which might come true. Each character setting upon a remarkable journey which points at various events that might take place.

So far, with the broadcasting of the latest 4 episodes of season 8, we have seen many important characters meeting their ends, like Ser Jorah Mormont, Lady Lyanna, Beric Dondarrion, Theon Greyjoy, the Night King himself (killed by Arya Stark), Melisandre and the latest episode 4 saw the death of Missandei and the 2nd dragon Rhaegal of Queen Daenerys Targaryen (Dany).

Now that our “Mother of Dragons” queen Dany is left with just one dragon “Drogon”, with most of her Dothrakis killed and a rather stronger army waiting for her in King’s Landing (Cersei and EuronGreyjoy’s army), and also with the revelation of her relationship with umm…”Nephew” Jon Snow, the forthcoming episodes are bound to create a spine chilling and thrilling experience for the viewers.

Still wondering what would happen next in the coming episodes?

Well, here you go till then with some really crazy and fun fan theories to keep your brains working and your skulls scratching till the next episode is out.

Let’s begin with the fun!


Jamie Would Kill Cersei

Maggy the Frog, the seer, had once predicted that all the children of Cersei Lannister would die, and which they did, making the prophecy come true. Now, one more thing that Maggy the Frog mentioned in yet another prophecy was that she would be killed by the “Valonqar” meaning the “Little brother” in Valyrian, by choking her to death. 

Now, Cersei always thought of this Valonqar to be her little brother Tyrion, as she always resented him since their childhood, and they never got together so well.

But we saw, that in season 7, Jamie left Cersei to fight in the north against the White Walkers, which would also mean betraying Cersei and joining the people of the North.

This change of events (Jamie falling for Brienne in episode 4) could clearly mean that the little brother very well could be none other than Jamie Lannister killing his own sister/Lover Cersei to save the human race from her wrath.


Jon Snow Would be the King of the Iron Throne

Indeed season 7final episode clearly told us that Jon Snow is the true Heir to the iron throne.

He is the legitimate and trueborn son of Lyanna Stark and RhaegarTargaryen as a result of their secret marriage and his true name is Aegon Targaryen (named by his mother Lyanna Stark).

Time and again Jon has proved to be a great ruler. He was always a people’s king. He was empathetic, stern when required and fair without any differentiation between high or low birth. And his legacy truly makes him the right King of the Seven Kingdoms, as desired by the people themselves.


Daenerys would be the Mad Queen

Initially, it was thought that it would be Cersei Lannister, who would end up becoming the Mad Queen. But as the episodes are unfolding the real story, all the fingers do point towards our Dragon Queen – Dany.

She has clearly lost her near and dear ones – JorahMormont, Missandei and her very own dragon –Rhaegal and moreover, most of her Dothraki army.

She is almost ready to burn down the entire city of King’s Landing including innocent people just to see Cersei Lannister fall (in a similar manner to her own father – AerysTargaryen who burnt the same place once).

Even Varys, who plays her advisor, seems to betray her since he strongly believes that Jon Snow is the real King who deserves the Iron throne. 

Also, the knowledge of her relationship with Jon Snow has clearly threatened her with him being the true heir to the Iron throne, which she always eyed.

The jealousy sharply reflected in her eyes when she saw the way the people revered and looked upon Jon Snow as their only king/lord.

Perhaps this anger/jealousy would drive her crazy like her own father and lead to her becoming the Mad Queen at the end destroying everything and every being in her way.


Arya Stark Would Kill Cersei Lannister

Since the day Arya stark saw her father getting beheaded under the watch of Cersei Lannister, Cersei was always on Arya’s list of people to kill.

Also, as per the prophecy by Melisandre, that Arya will shut many eyes – Brown eyes, blue eyes, and green eyes. Obviously, after killing Littlefinger, and also taking down the Night King himself, it is now Cersei’s turn to die (since she is always mentioned to have green eyes as per the books).

In the 4th episode, we saw Arya Stark leaving for some unfinished business with the Hound. Perhaps this is the unfinished business that she was talking about – Killing Cersei Lannister after all.


Tyrion Lannister Could Marry Sansa Stark

A brief encounter among the two in the crypt, that is Tyrion Lannister and Sansa Stark, just when the Battle of Winterfell began, clearly showed us the bond that they share now, hinting at the fact that they would end up marrying - if they remain alive of course.

Although Sansa also mentioned the fact the marriage could never work out since Tyrion was now the Hand of the Dragon Queen – Dany, whom she despises altogether.

Could Sansa fall in love with Tyrion and get married – well, let’s wait and watch. Ideally, it makes sense after what happened in the Crypt in their moment of peril.


Cleganebowl Will Finally Happen This Season

Clegane brothers (the Hound – SandorClegane and the Mountain – GregorClegane) are yet to have the final encounter in this season – a rather much-awaited confrontation – popularly known as the Cleganebowl.

Their resentment towards each other could be clearly seen by the incident of their childhood, where Gregor scarredSandor’s face with burning coal.

And with the Cleganebowl happening, this could be a perfect setting for Sandor to take down his own brother and get his vengeance.

At least the audience wants to see this happen and we expect the showrunners to note this theory.

All said and done, the theories truly make sense as the story moves along.

Nevertheless, the GOT series is all about resurrections, deaths, suspense, drama, love, betrayal, true friendship, the meddling of politics and relationships, truly unfolding into an exhilarating narration.

With three more episodes to go, let’s keep our fingers crossed to the revelation of who the AzorAhai is after all.