Indian Comic-book Superheroes That Can Even Compete Against Marvel’s Avengers

Publish On: 10 Feb, 2019 12:00 PM | Updated   |   SJ Desk  
Indian Comic-book Superheroes That Can Even Compete Against Marvel’s Avengers


veryone loves to see Superheroes defeat Supervillains. But a recent study has shown that what people love to see more, is a superhero vs superhero fight. They are attracted by the anticipation, anxiety, and uncertainty of the outcome. While we are thoroughly acquainted with Marvel Universe’s Avengers, let’s talk about India’s Raj Comics superheroes who can give Avengers a run for their money. No matter who loses in this battle, fans will surely win.



 If the superheroes were to be ranked based on their physical strength and stamina, then surely Doga will be one of the strongest. A troubled childhood inspired Suraj to fight against the crime in the city of Mumbai and he eventually became DOGA. Disguised in a mask of dog, Doga can communicate and command the dogs to carry on a task for him. He knows about guns like the back of his hand and he is a monumental shooter. Even though he does not have any major superpowers, with his strong will power and his expertise in many forms of martial arts, he has defeated many supernatural creatures in the past. He will be a tough cookie to crack for Hawkeye in combat. 



You can’t kill the one who is already dead. Anthony Gonsalvez, a renowned musician who composed trendsetting crow music, was brutally killed by his rivals. Now his body rests inside a cemetery of a place called Roopnagar but whenever there is injustice, his pet crow ‘Prince’ cries in a strident and squawky voice and out comes the dead Anthony Gonzalves to protect the weak against atrocities. No human weapons can hurt him and his only weakness is water as he is scared of it. He can fly, teleport himself to any place, has superhuman strength and has a special power called ‘Thandi Aag’ which means freezing fire and is considered as the fire from hell. He will surely be a great competition for the MIGHTY THOR.


 Chanda, a social worker was shattered when she saw that her husband had killed their daughters. Her cries and prayers reached goddess Kaali and she blessed her with cabbalistic and detrimental powers to not only take her revenge but also to give justice to the women of the society. Shakti, who has blue skin, can hear the cries of any woman who is in problem and can fly at the speed of light to reach them. Shakti has a third eye, which she can open only at an unholy object or person. But once it opens, it can destroy any or everything that stands in her way. With immense energy in her hands, she can melt down any metal and then mould it into any weapon to use against her opponent. Physically she is so strong that she can carry an airplane with ease. Shakti can basically match any of the Avengers, but she will be a great match for someone like Captain Marvel or Scarlet Witch.  



 A superhero who wears a tri colour costume resembling the Indian Flag and carries a tri colour shield too. Although Tiranga has no superpowers, he is a master in hand to hand combat, a sharp mind, hi-tech gadgets, unmatched detective and tracking skills and an unrivaled passion to serve the nation. His shield which is made up of strongest of materials is often Tiranga’s best defense as well as offense. He is also known for his witty and patriotic couplets during a fight. Many claim that the concept of Tiranga was inspired by Captain America. Well, inspired or not, Tiranga is by all means capable enough to check the advent of Captain America if they were engaged in a fight.


 The valiant prince and the protector of the kingdom called Vikasnagar. Although Bhokal lives in the middle age, still he has traveled time to assist other superheroes to save the world. Bhokal is a powerhouse who has unmatched physical strength. He has a sword which can cut through any metal or element and can also emit fire from its tip, which has the capacity to burn almost anything into ashes. He has a supernatural speed, agility, and jump. His shield gives him the ability to fly as well. This ancient warrior will certainly give the Incredible Hulk one hell of a fight. 




The wonderman Parmanu is inspector Vinay in real life. The protector of Delhi, Vinay wears a special suit that gives him superpower and turns him into Parmanu. He has many superpowers-he can fly at the speed of sound, he can fire atom bolts from his chest and can release atomic ropes as well.  Parmanu can teleport, increase or decrease his size and his costume shields him from the impact of bullets and many weapons. His ally Probot, scans the colonies and streets of Delhi and informs him about any suspicious activities. Parmanu will be a perfect match for the billionaire Iron Man in a fight.




 The handsome and young Dhruv of Rajnagar is arguably one of the most intelligent superheroes, if not the most. The sign of star is his symbol and he is the leader of a crime-fighting group called Commando Force. He has the ability to communicate with animals and birds as well along with the propensity to breathe underwater. Being a master of martial arts and an ace acrobatic artist of Jupiter Circus, he can even dodge a bullet shot. He is one of those few superheroes, who do not hide their real identity. His lightning-fast presence of mind can find solutions to any problem. Even though he is a normal human, he has defeated hundreds of supervillains with divine powers and strength. Dhruv will more than surely give Black Pather a fight that he’ll never forget. 



 Nagraj which means the king of snakes has so many superpowers that he has not been able to discover all of them yet. His blood cell contains venom and he can release snakes from his body whenever he wants. His bite can kill the strongest of living creature and his breath is poisonous as well. He can vanish for a few seconds, can take any person’s form, hypnotize someone, has a bulletproof body, superhuman strength. Not only ordinary snakes reside inside his body but many modified and mutated species of snakes like nagfani sarp, sukshma sarp, dhwansak sarp, tishk sarp etc also lives inside him. Even warrior snakes like Saudangi, Sheet Nagkumar and Naagu resides insides him and acts on his command. Nagraj is one of the strongest superheroes ever known and will take Spiderman or Vision head on.