4 Mysterious People, You Will Have A Hard Time Believing Actually Existed

Publish On: 20 May, 2019 12:00 PM | Updated   |   SJ Desk  
4 Mysterious People, You Will Have A Hard Time Believing Actually Existed

ohn Nolan
During the afternoon on 17th September 2017, an Irish man John Nolan residing in Tottenham, London was strolling on the street. The 70 years old John was suddenly set on flames without any apparent reason. The bystanders came to his aid and John was airlifted to a burn unit ward of a Hospital in Essex. He fought hard but succumbed to the deep third-degree burn injuries. The post mortem report stated that he died due to acute burns. Many investigating agencies were assigned the task to unveil the cause of the fire but even after assiduous inspection, all the reports stated the cause as unknown. 


Charles Watson
 A citizen of Lower Quinton, England named Charles Watson was a prominent figure among the people of that area because of the eldritch powers he possessed. Locals claimed that Charles not only was well versed with the ability to converse with animals and birds but could also direct them to carry a given task. Legend has it that he was a witch and was involved in the art of witchcraft and black magic. In the year 1945, when he was in his mid 70’s, he was found dead under sphinx-like circumstances. His throat was slit and a cross was stabbed deep down his heart while a pitchfork had him stapled to the floor. If you think that's weird, hold on, there's more. The investigating officer accidentally stumbled upon a book titled ‘Folklore’. The book had mentioned a man called Charles Walton who had an uncanny resemblance with Charles Watson. The man Charles Walton mentioned in the book was also involved in witchcraft and had died in the year 1865 in the same way as Charles Watson. It is still believed that both Charles were the same person.




Grigori Rasputin
Born in the year 1869 in Siberia, Russia. Rasputin had a very humble origin. It is said that his inclination towards spiritual side had granted him the power to heal even the deadliest disease. He arrived at the court of Czar Nicolas II when his son was bedridden because of prolonged unknown disease. Even though Czar and his wife Alexandra had summoned the best medical practitioners of that era, it was Rasputin who cured their son and as a result, became very close to them. Seeing his rising power and control over Czar, the relatives of Czar formulated a plan to assassinate Grigori Rasputin. On the chilly winter night of December in 1916, the Prince and Czar’s first cousin invited Rasputin to the palace. He was given cake and wine covered in a huge amount of cyanide, enough to kill an elephant but it had no effect on Rasputin. Frustrated, the conspirators open fired many rounds of bullets at Rasputin but not only was he still alive, he even tried to fight back. He was once again subjected to multiple bullet shots and he fell down. The royal conspirators handcuffed him, secured his body in the carpet and disposed of his body in the Neva River. Three days later, when his dead body was found, it was noticed that Rasputin was alive at the time when he was thrown underwater as he had uncuffed his hands but later died by drowning in the water. People around the globe are still bewildered by the level of endurance that Rasputin had. Slightly a year after his assassination; his prediction came true when Czar and his family were assassinated during the Russian revolution.


The Expressionless
 In the summer of 1972, a woman appeared all of a sudden at the doorsteps of Cedar Senai Hospital situated in L.A., wearing a white dress which was completely drenched with blood and she swooned as soon as the medical crew noticed her. When the hospital staff rushed to assist her, everyone was dumbfounded when they looked at her. This lady’s face had no eyebrows and had a void expression. She looked unreal, more like a mannequin dummy out of an apparel showroom. She was so surreal that nobody was able to look at her face directly. When the doctors arrived and tried to use sedative on her, she started fighting back with demonic strength, injuring 2 staff members critically in the process. Everyone ran out of the room and the doctor was left alone. He somehow collected his composure and asked who she was? Her blank expression then folded into an eerie smile. She moved and brought her face direly close to him and the doctor saw there were fangs instead of teeth embedded in her jaw. She hissed softly “I’m the God.”  She let out a sinister laugh and pounced out of the hospital, never to be spotted again. As a result of her blank expressions, people started calling her THE EXPRESSIONLESS.