14 Innovative Advertisements That Will Blow Away Your Mind!

Publish On: 20 May, 2019 12:00 PM | Updated   |   SJ Desk  
14 Innovative Advertisements That Will Blow Away Your Mind!


f you are under the impression that advertisement is merely a few words which are strung together intelligently, then we beseech you to think again. Advertisement is the weapon which helps a concept, product, organization, service or purpose to stand out in the highly competitive and densely crowded market.

Advertisement helps a brand to position itself fittingly in the mind of the customer, which in turn can win a group of loyal customers who’ll help the organization to face the competition and to deal with the changes in market condition. Here are 14 examples of trailblazing advertisements that will leave you flabbergasted.

  1. Frontline  – In a shopping mall at Jakarta, the company named Frontline came up with an unprecedented idea of advertising its anti-tick and flea spray for the domestic pet. A juggernaut image of an itching retriever dog was engraved on the ground floor of the mall and the customers unintentionally became a part of this creative marketing campaign.



 As a token of respect for women, world’s largest fast-food chain Mcdonalds turned it's golden ‘M’ sign upside down to make it ‘W’ representing women on the eve of international women’s day. This gesture won millions of heart throughout the world and people are just LOVIN’ IT.  



  1. Grammarly Grammarly is an AI-powered app which helps in removing the spelling and grammatical mistakes from the electronic documents. In order to publicize the importance of using Grammarly, it reached out to its potential customer base via a basic but very potent advertising campaign. Check it out yourself.


  1. Volkswagen One of the world’s leading automobile companies came up with a Pioneering advertising manoeuver. In one of its advertisement, Volkswagen while promoting the fact that safety of the customer is the company’s priority, it also promoted the awareness for using seatbelts while driving.


  1. Pepsi – Pepsi is known to have one of the best marketing strategies around the globe. In order to promote the diet version of Pepsi for the health conscious people, they came up with a billboard showing a sagging wrapper around the bottle, it personified the reduced waist of the customer on consuming this sugar-free refreshing beverage.


  1. Kit Kat - Keeping in mind how technological development has a negative impact on our interpersonal relationships, Nestle’s renowned chocolate Kit Kat came up with a very dulcet concept of advertisement. Taking a jibe at the internet obsessed society, Kit Kat mounted seats on the corner of the streets stating it’s a no WiFi zone. So that friends can sit together and relish the conversation in the old school way.


  1. Local Food Joint – Shifting our focus from big multinational companies with a separate marketing unit to a small family run yet ingenious neighborhood stores. This advertisement from a small store nailed it with a legitimate point. 


  1. Martial Art training school – A local martial arts training centre became the talk of the town with a very lucid & coherent marketing approach. It had a regular entrance door but a fake exit sign on the wall which professes that once you enter the door, you’ll become dexterous enough to make your own exit by breaking the wall.


  1. American Disability Society – Turning our attention from commercial promotion to an advertisement of raising fund for a noble cause. American Disability Society with a groundbreaking campaign made the society realize how lucky are the ones who are leading a normal life. For some differently abled people, even climbing a flight of stairs is equivalent to climbing a mountain.


  1. Go Green – This multifaceted inventive advertisement promotes many social causes. On the one hand, it encourages people to save money, save nonrenewable resources and save health, on the other hand, it also subtly urges people to go green and reduce pollution.


  1. American Cancer Society – Smoking causes more than 7 million recorded deaths worldwide per year and the number is rapidly increasing every year. As a part of its anti-smoking campaign, The American Cancer Society came up with an adept awareness advertisement which will surely give smokers goosebumps.


  1. Charity Awareness - We live in a world, where almost 25% of the people have no access to electricity and around 1.25 billion people earn less than 100 rupees a day. A dazzling advertisement exhibiting the significance of donation and charity. Every penny counts and even our small contributions can go a long way in adding meaning to someone’s life.   
    1. Water Pollution – Just because we can’t see the water pollution clearly, it doesn’t mean that it's not there. Most of our lakes, rivers, reservoirs even oceans are contaminated with chemicals, plastic, and other human-made pollutants. This revolutionary advertisement impels us to take action before its way too late.
    1. Global Warming – The picture depicted in this social awareness advertisement says it all. Every action has a repercussion and our sloppiness towards mother nature is accelerating the pace of global climate change. This advertisement warns us that if we don’t act now we are bound to face dire consequences.