10 Absolutely Useless Facts to Read Today

Publish On: 08 Jul, 2019 09:15 AM | Updated   |   Esha Goyal  
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here are science facts and historical facts; and then, there are totally useless facts that you absolutely don’t need to know. But if your weird personality relies on random trivia show-off like me or if you are Sheldon, then these facts are for you! Did you know humans and bananas share about 50 percent of the same DNA?

Next time you see someone having a banana share this fact with them. Here are 10 useless facts that are too entertaining for words.


1. The King of Hearts is the Only King in a Deck of Cards Without a Moustache

There are four kings in a deck of cards. While all of them look similar, the King of Hearts doesn’t have a mustache. Apparently, this wasn’t always the case. He lost his facial hair to a redesign mistake and since then hasn’t been able to participate in no shave November.


2. No Word in the English Language Rhymes with Month, Orange, Silver, and Purple

When Richard was a little boy he liked Anna 
But soon she moved and shifted to Havana
When Richard was a little boy he liked the orange

We are having troubling finishing this rhyme. Can you help?


3. The Opposite Sides of a Die Will Always Add up to a Seven

1+6 = 7
2+5 = 7
3+4 = 7


4. Celery has Negative Calories! It Takes More Calories to Eat a Piece of Celery than the Celery Has in it

Duh! Yeah. Because eating raw celery is tiresome. Where is my pizza?


5. Your Fingernails Grow Faster on Your Dominant Hand

Also, did you know fingernails grow faster than toenails? And Nails grow faster in summers than in winters.


6. Mulan Has the Highest Kill-Count of Any Disney Character

Not only this, but she was also the first Disney princess to kill on-screen. Her character is incredibly brave and inspirational. The movie is a breath of fresh air with a strong female lead as compared to the regular damsels in distress.


7. The Hawaiian Pizza is Not Hawaiian at All. It Was Invented by a Greek-Canadian Man

Sam Panopoulos was born in Greece but moved to Canada at the age of 20. This is where he discovered the famous ‘Hawaiian Pizza’ when he decided to add pineapples on pizza and started the long debate over whether or not they belong there. 


8. The Chicken and the Ostrich are the Closest Living Relatives of the Tyrannosaurus Rex

According to research published in the journal Science in 2008, the T-Rex shared more of its genetic makeup with chickens and ostriches than alligators or other reptiles.


9. Pogonophobia is The Fear of Beards

Well....this makes sense considering beards contain high amounts of bacteria. A recent study suggests that beards contain higher amounts of bacteria than dogs. Not so sexy anymore?


10. In a Lifetime the Average Human Produces Enough Quarts of Saliva to Fill 2 Swimming Pools

Ew? Yes!
Useless fact? Also yes!

Now try to find opportunities to use your superior knowledge and dazzle your social circle with some trivia.