Scared to Face The Interviewer? Here's Some Help

Publish On: 25 Jul, 2019 01:10 PM | Updated   |   Saumya Bansal  

e all have been in a position with our hands crossed, a lot of stress in our mind, and a silent prayer to the Almighty to help us land the dream job that we have wanted for years. Well, if you are one of those people who do exactly this before an interview, then, you are the right place for we will help you overcome that anxiety and be confident when you appear before the interviewer.

#1. Always be Prepared at Your End

Before you appear for any interview, you need to ensure that you know almost all the answers to the questions that you know they are going to ask. Look up for the interview questions that have been posted by candidates who have already interviewed for the firm and ensure that you dig deep and find the answers to them. When you know that you are prepared from your end, you will not feel threatened by the unlikeliness of the question that the interviewer might throw at you.

#2. Throw Negative Thinking Out of The Window

I know this is easier said than done but, what we also know is that our mind is very powerful and that it grasps what we keep re-iterating. So, if you think to yourself that you are not going to get this job or if you keep getting scared of the interview which is yet to happen, your mind is going to act on the information that you are feeding it and react in that same manner regardless of how normal or how difficult the interview is going. So, it is important to keep your head in the game and feed your mind with positive thoughts and some motivation once in a while.

#3. Do Not Feel Demotivated

When you are starting your career or when you are looking to switch, at times, we get so serious about the job that we were looking forward to that all the other things don’t matter. Well, that is wrong. So, even if you do not get the job, it is okay because it was just an opportunity which will present itself before you once you are ready. So, do not lose hope and keep your options open. No company is good or bad, and you never know, the next company you find yourself a job in might suit you and your needs even better!

#4. Try Practicing Some Confidence Boosting Techniques

As we mentioned above, we should never be slaves to our mind. We need to tell it that everything is fine, in place, and that we are control. The best way to do this? Try your hand at some power poses where right before the interview, you stand in front of the mirror like superman or wonder woman or that superhero that you have always dreamed of becoming. You can also try imagining the scenario where you are sitting in the interview, hitting every question out of the ballpark, impressing your interviewer to the best of your capabilities and landing yourself the job offer. Well, though these techniques have proven to be effective, these are not sufficient to prepare you for the interview. So, whenever you think your confidence is dropping or that you need some motivation, you know how to keep your mind in control.

These ways have reportedly turned out to be effective for candidates who have been interviewing over the years but have been failing. So, the next time you begin preparing for an important interview, do have a look at these tips and try practicing them.

Here is also a little motivation - “Everything falls in place when the time is right. You are a pretty special person and you deserve the best in life, so keep hustling!