Ooty Summer Festival: The Flower And Fruits Show (4th-26th May)

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Ooty Summer Festival: The Flower And Fruits Show (4th-26th May)


ondering where to go to beat the heat this summer? Nothing exciting coming up your way? Well, the Nilgiri ranges have a different story to tell.
Ooty, the famous hill station in the southern state of Tamil Nadu in India, becomes one of the most popular destinations during the summers; not only because of its cool and pleasant climate but also due to its exquisite annual Ooty Summer festival. The festival is organized here in the summers to promote tourism and make it known not only in India but spread its awareness globally as well.
Come summers, and the international tourists start flocking this small town trying to bask in the beautiful nature that it has to provide and make their stay here a memorable experience of their lives.
The Ooty summer festival is famous in the entire world now, which consists of a wide variety of shows and events taking place throughout a brief period of time in the month of May every year.
Still wondering what you can expect to see here once you land in this paradise?


Ooty Summer Festival 2019
This world-famous summer festival in Ooty was started about 121 years ago by the Ministry of Tourism and Culture in India, and the Department of Tourism in Tamil Nadu state. It lasts for a few weeks in the month of May every year and this year it is said to begin all the festivities with none other than the “Spice show” marking as a start of the summer festival.

When: 4th May to 27th May

I have mentioned below the details of all the events and shows being organized in Ooty during this brief festival so that you know when and where to find what!

Here is a list full of activities and events that you could possibly attend as a part of the festival and get a very enthralling experience of your life that this scenic town has to offer.


The Spice Show

Known for its variety of spices, the Spice show is bound to make you drool over by the aromas spreading around the town with its mind-blowing and magical appeal. No matter if you are a foodie or not, you would love to see the variety that this show has to offer. Knowledgeable and drool-worthy is what I would like to call it.

When: 9.00 am to 7.00 pm (dates yet to be confirmed)
Where: St. Thomas School, Gudalur, Tamil Nadu
Entry fees: 30 INR for adults/ 15 INR for kids


The Flower Show

This year marks the 123rd edition of the Flower show of the Ooty Summer Festival and it would be held for 5 long days this year, instead of the regular three-day show as conducted every year. This show truly has the enchanting powers to make the sightseers stop and have a look at the beauty this show has to offer.

If you wish to see paradise on earth (besides Kashmir of course), then this is the destination to be in during the summers!
This show helps in the promotion of the young artists who willingly showcase their art through the beautiful artistry and craftsmanship by making breathtaking flower sculptures and other crafty artworks using flowers and their arrangement.

This year you can get to see a wide array of over 15000 flower pots with 3,00,000 saplings of over 150 varieties. Wouldn’t that just be incredible to witness? This is worth a sight which I am sure would leave you speechless with its marvelous beauty and the colorful display of flowers during the show.

When: 9.00 am to 7.00 pm (17th May 2019)
Where: Botanical Gardens, Ooty, Tamil Nadu
Entry fees: 30 INR for adults/ 15 INR for kids


The Rose Show

Want to witness a plethora of roses, like never seen before?
At the Government Rose garden of Ooty, grab the opportunity to witness a mind-blowing display of roses. It consists of various sculptures made out of fresh roses and rose petals, including, Rangolis, rose towers, rose figurines, and much more.

It truly needs a magically artistic hand to charm the visitors with their glorifying artistry using the roses. I’m sure you would not like to miss on this show, particularly if you are a photography enthusiast or even a nature admirer for that matter.

You can get to witness a wide variety of more than 30000+ roses (4000+ plant variants) in this spectacular show.

When: 9.00 am to 7.00 pm (dates yet to be confirmed)
Where: Rose Gardens, Ooty, Tamil Nadu
Entry fees: 30 INR for adults/ 15 INR for kids


The Fruit Show

The 61st edition of the Fruit show is being held this year displaying an excellent array of fruits in an arrangement like never seen before. This is the perfect way of showcasing art in various forms. I mean, who could imagine art to be seen through fruits? But this show is sure to take your breath away by its spectacular presentations. 
This show is organized by the Horticulture department of Tamil Nadu.

When: 9.00 am to 7.00 pm (dates yet to be confirmed)
Where: Sims’s Park, Coonoor, Tamil Nadu
Entry fees: 30 INR for adults/ 15 INR for kids

Besides these aforementioned incredible and astounding popular shows, there are many other events that also take place in this scenic town during the same time.

These include:

  • Dog show
  • Boat race
  • Pageantry
  • Vegetable Show
  • Hot Air Balloon show
  • Vintage Car Rally
  • Cultural shows and events
  • Photo Competitions
  • Painting Competitions, and much more.

Here are a few tips to make your stay in Ooty a worth visiting experience during this Summer Festival:

  • Advance bookings are a must during this period since a lot many visitors from all across the world would be flocking this small town.
  • Book your tickets online to avoid the last minute rush to the various events.
  • Pack your sunscreen, sunglasses and similar sun protective items.
  • Pack your clothes accordingly to experience a calm, cool and pleasant climate in the mornings and evenings, accompanied by hot afternoons as well.
  • Book your stay at a hotel near the location of your event to avoid any traffic jams and overcrowding of places.

If you truly want to make your summers more exciting and have an enthralling experience at the same time, you should definitely visit this town of Ooty, particularly during the month of May this year witnessing its glory in full swing.