Goa Beyond The Beaches | A Glimpse Of The Goan Culture

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Goa Beyond The Beaches | A Glimpse Of The Goan Culture


ituated on the Arabian coastline, this smallest possible state of India, boasts scintillating and exotic beaches, with a happening and modern vibe, and an unrelenting nightlife with mostly tropical weather all year round.

Yes, we are talking about the “Rome of the East” – undoubtedly GOA!

Laden with a cultural inheritance from the Portuguese, Goa is considered as the most desirable and admired tourist destinations of all times in India. Every year, Goa is flooded with a flock of tourists not only from India but many foreign lands as well to experience the rich blend of its cultural heritage and leisure.
Being a colony of the Portuguese for almost about four and a half centuries, its architecture, art, food, music, and overall life of the people have been greatly influenced by the Portuguese culture, obviously, which Goa is apparently known for.

Well in spite of having such cultural influences, Goa boasts of a predominantly friendly and distinctive tradition owing to which almost everyone loves to visit this place.

The People of Goa

Referred to as the “Goans”, the inhabitants of Goa are very warm, cheerful and welcoming. Here you can see a mix of different cultures, religions including, Hindus, Muslims, and Christians, and yet everyone lives in harmony and consonance. That is what Goa is all about – a merry and high-spirited life!

Goa is completely different from the other states of India, as in it has a lot of western influence in its culture or the lifestyle of the Goans. And this can be clearly seen from their attire, which is again a mix of Indian and westernized combinations, with women in the modern cities flaunting western skirts and in smaller towns, you can see the influence of traditional ones wearing a 9-yard sari (PanoBhaju).

Perhaps the reason for tourists from all over the world flocking this place is due to the atmosphere which itself is so relaxing and delightful, that people want to visit it again and again.





Goa has always been a very lucrative location for trade owing to its natural harbors and accessible ports. Fishing, by virtue of it, is a huge business here along with tourism, considering its attractive location. One peculiar feature about the Goans is that you won’t find them to be greedy or misers. They earn well during the peak season of tourism and then live a peaceful and plentiful life.

During the peak season, that is in the winter months (Oct – Feb) people run local beach shacks, and guest houses serving the best and cheapest alcohol along with lip-smacking local Goan cuisine.

Apart from that, Goa is also known for its Cashew nuts, coconut and rice farming.

Goa – a Foodie’s Paradise




What is Goa without its merry and vibrant life full of good authentic food and drinks!

The Portuguese, Konkani and the Brahmin cultures together hugely influence the Goan cuisine.

There are many peculiar dishes, but the authentic Goan fish curry and rice steals the show. With coconut, cashew nuts and mouthwatering spices along with a dash of kokum, it just makes the curry a perfect blend, making this dish a staple of the Goan cuisine and a must try for every visitor.

Well, Goan food is certainly all about the fresh catch or seafood (such as Kingfish, tiger prawns, crabs, etc.), coconut and cashew nut based gravies, spicy marinations and rice. But apart from these, Goa is also known for its various beef, pork and chicken delicacies such as Chicken Cafreal, Pork/beef vindaloo, Xacuti, Rachaedo fried fish/prawns, etc.

Even if you are a vegetarian, Goans really won’t disappoint you either. With the“Khatkhate” a vegetarian delicacy, a vegetable stew with coconut, spices, and kokum as its base, you are totally in for a blast of flavours.

Sweet Dishes like the multilayered Bebinca, are a must-have during the festivities.

Thus satiating your taste buds – is what Goan cuisine is all about!

Music, Dance, and Festivals of Goa

Another peculiar feature that you might notice about Goa and its ambiance is the unforgettable Goan music, which keeps playing in the background, while you are sitting in a restaurant, or a beach shack, sipping on a cocktail. You can clearly feel the strong Goan vibes through its music, mostly an opulent blend of Jazz, and western classical seldom with an Indian touch.

Goa is blessed not only with happening beaches but also with many traditional dance forms, which are usually performed during various festivities, such as:

    The Shigmo (a five-day Festival) dance
    Goff Talgadi
    MussalKhel
    Mando
    GhodeModni
    Dekhni, and a lot more!

Apart from these traditional forms and with the modernized times, Goa now boasts a flurry of night clubs, where you can find many youngsters dancing to the tunes of techno music bringing out the life in Goa.

But the major festivals that even the tourists are looking forward to, are the Christmas and New Year celebrations, which call for endless parties and thrill. This is perhaps the best time to visit Goa to see the vividness and enthusiasm of the Goans.

With such an amalgamation of its cultural heritage and modernized ways of living with high spirits, Goa is certainly everybody’s favorite place to visit and enjoy its vibrant culture.