5 Forthcoming Electric Cars That Could Reign The Indian Market.

Publish On: 02 Jul, 2019 12:05 PM | Updated   |   SJ Desk  
5 Forthcoming Electric Cars That Could Reign The Indian Market.

ith the rise in pollution which results in the greenhouse effect and global warming, the world needs a revolution to resuscitate the ramshackle environment. Switching over to an electric vehicle from a fuel-based one is a pivotal step towards maintaining a cleaner air for our next generation, especially in a densely populated country like India. Using an electric car is not merely eco-friendly but it also puts less burden on your pocket and most importantly it helps to reduce the dependency on the nonrenewable resources. Electric cars have already started capturing the market and with lots of time and money invested in the research and development in this sector, the electric car is without any shadow of a doubt, the future of automobile industry globally. Here is a list of 5 electric cars that might be the talk of the town in the Indian market very soon.  


 Not too long after affirming the imminent launch of Hector in India, Morris Garage (MG Motor) have flaunted an all-electric SUV named MG eZS. This imposing car will not only be the second launch of MG Motor in our nation but one of India’s first all-electric cars, if not the very first. eZS will be available in India along with other big markets like the UK, Australia, Germany, etc. by the end of 2019 or early 2020. Along with the voguish style, MG Motor has infused eZS with the OVA mechanism, which means that this car is expected to run over 240 kilometers once fully charged. This electric version of MG SUV also has an electric motor that can generate an output of 110 KW. MG Motor is eyeing to set up over 10 dozens of showrooms and service centres across the country to serve as well as upskill the target audience with respect to the electric cars.



Kona EV by Hyundai

 All the leading automobile companies are planning to launch the electric car variants in the massive Indian market and Hyundai is no exception. The South Korean automobile manufacturing company Hyundai is all geared up to launch Kona EV in India. With comprehensive changes in its exteriors compared to its fuel version,  Kona EV towers over its fuel counterpart by 15 mm in height. This Hyundai’s electric SUV has a motor engine with 134 bhp and around 400 NM torque, which helps the car to attain a speed of 100 KMPH from standstill in slightly over 9 seconds. The maximum speed of Kona EV is said to be over 150 KMPH. Once drained out of juice, one can charge over 75% of the battery in less than an hour,  thanks to the 100 kW charger. It is anticipated that in order to buy this electric SUV version of Hyundai, you will have to disburse around 24 lakh rupees.  



Honda e 

Honda has pronounced that it is ready to launch an e-version of its prominent ‘CITY’ model. This car can cover over 200 kilometers on a single charge and the battery will be charged more than three quarters in merely about half an hour. Honda e has an engine with almost 100 bhp and a peak torque of 300 NM. Another interesting feature of this car is that the rearview mirrors are replaced by cameras. This car which will be produced in Japan and was recently exhibited at the Geneva Motor Show this year. This car is a complete package and has received a lot of admiration from the car experts. The company has announced that this car will be available in the European market by the end of this year. Although Honda has not confirmed the launch of Honda e in the Indian market as of now, it is speculated by the experts that this Honda’s winsome variant might reach India within a couple of years.



Renault Kwid EV 

The French automobile MNC Renault raised the curtains from the Kwid EV during auto Shanghai. If you analogize the EV version with the regular fuel Kwid, there are minute changes in both the interior and exterior along with many freshly added features. Once completely charged from the point that is mounted next to the logo, the car can run as far as 250 km. This car is getting jointly developed by Renault and the Chinese Dongfeng under a joint venture. It is being said that the Renault is looking to enter the Chinese market first with this small hatchback electric car and based on the demand it would launch it in the Indian market by the year 2021. The estimated cost of this power-packed car is rumored to be around 7.5 Lakh (ex-showroom) INR. 



Mahindra eKUV 100

 With a 30 KW motor engine, Mahindra is all set to enter the budgeted electric car segment in India. The eKUV 100 can envelop a distance of around 150 kms when fully charged and is a user-friendly car, 80% of the charging can be done within an hour. With a 72V LPF Battery, this car can attain a top speed of 100 kmph, if not more. Highly anticipated Mahindra eKUV should be available in the Indian market by the end of this year. Mahindra has invested crores of rupees to exploit the electric car segment and has announced a venture with LG Chem in the Li-ion battery portfolio. In the near future, along with eKUV 100, Mahindra has a lot of other electric cars in the pipeline as well.